Villagers Update: June  2008-


Calliaqua Anglican School,    St.Paul's, Huggins, Hadley Workshop etc.



Hope that you are all doing well.

A couple of reminders re the celebration of Hr. Huggins' 50th anniversary celebration and Members Appreciation Sunday at St. Paul's and St. John's, SVG.

Please remember to make your contributions. Thanks.


 Fr. Huggins' 50th anniversary celebration  The Reverend Fr. E. Ulric C-Jones  In the Town of Calliaqua  P. O. Box #378  Saint Vincent & the Grenadines


 February 26th, 2008


 My Dear Brother/Sister “Villagers”:


Greetings to all of you and very kind wishes to you and yours for the New Year.


Sunday, July 27th, 2008, will mark the Golden Jubilee (50th  Anniversary) of the Ordination of the Reverend Canon Arthur Hoskins Huggins to the  Sacred Order of Priests.


 To mark the occasion, there will be a Solemn Mass of Thanksgiving at St. Paul’s Anglican Church, in the Town of Calliaqua, Saint Vincent & the  Grenadines, at 5:00 p.m.


 I have been charged with the responsibility of the production of a  souvenir brochure for this most historic occasion. This therefore, is to  request from each of us a monetary contribution towards its production  and a purse. These contributions will be acknowledged in a special  Greetings page from “The Villagers” in the brochure.


 For those of us in the U.S.A., I am suggesting that all contributions be  sent to Henry Arthur Phills, by the end of May 2008, payable to St.

( Paul’s Church, Calliaqua - (Memo) For Fr. Huggins’s 50th Anniversary.


 Edna Hunte is herby charged with the responsibility for those in Canada  and Auldene Cochran, in England.


 We are grateful for the service rendered by this man of God in the  parishes of Holy Trinity, Georgetown, Dean of St. George’s Cathedral,  Kingstown, St. Vincent; Rector of St. Patrick’s, Grenada, Rector of St.

 George’s, Grenada, Archdeacon of Grenada and Vicar General of The  Dioceses of the Windward Islands and the parishes of St. George’s, Road Town, Tortola and St. Paul’s, Frederiksted, St. Croix, Diocese of Virgin  Islands from where he retired some nine years ago.


Thanking you in anticipation of your kind response.


 Yours in His Service,

 The Rev. Fr.) E. Ulric C-Jones

 If you are in the Caribbean contributions can be sent to Ulric at the above address.


 Contact persons:


 Ulric's e-mail : (Caribbean)  Artie's e-mail : (USA)  Edna (Vera) Hunte's e-mail (Canada)  Auldene Jones Cochran: (UK) _________________



Subject: Appreciation sunday

Date: Thu, 22 May 2008 09:53:15 -0300


Dear Friends,

How are you doing with the sponsorship sheet for Appreciation Sunday?  I will be very pleased if you will at least s end by e-mail the names of the sponsors, for printing purposes. 

We are getting very close to our deadline.

All best wishes,


Contributions can be sent to:

St. Paul's Anglican Church,

P.O.Box 483

St. Vincent and the Grenadines.



Subject: Rector speaks

Date: Fri, 16 May 2008 07:50:49 -0300

Dear St. Paulites of the Diaspora.

Herewith the “Rector Speaks” for 18th May 2008

Topic:   Our Fellowship

Visit St. Paul's Anglican Church, Calliaqua, St. Vincent, Website:


Kudos to talented Tony Hadley and his upcoming photo workshop in Montserrat.

Please pass on this information. All the best, Tony.


J.A. (Tony) Hadley - my portfolio of photographs - photo workshop



Congratulations to Peggy Gibson Barley on being a (very young) Great Grandmother.

What blessings !!!

Great news, Peggy !!!

"Peggy Barley" <> 5/28/2008 6:28 PM Hello All, family,my oldest Grand-Daughter Makeda thats Tony's Daughter had a Baby Boy on Saturday the 17th he weighed 9lbs both Mom and Baby is doing well  she hasn't decided on his name as yet, and on Monday 19th my second oldest Grand-Daughter Meresankh thats Michael's Daughter had a Baby Girl she weighed 8lbs 6ozs both Mom and Baby is doing well the Babys name is Neriah they are very beautiful will send Pictures as soon as I get them that brings the number of Great Grans to 6 isn't that great.


Lots of Love to all.



To all the Villager offspring tying the knot at this time much love and happiness in the future.

All of the graduates-Dr. Ardon (Muckle) Arthur with a Bachelor's in Theology and G.V. Thomas Ph.D in Theology and his wife Beulah, Bachelor's in Theology.

Congratulations !!!


City's newest patrol sergeant a born leader

From: Sr. T. Wade Kojo Williams ( Sent:Thu 5/08/08 5:48 PM Kudos to Wade Williams.


T. Wade Kojo Williams, Sr.


Kudos to the Calliaqua Anglican School for leading the way with the Wellness Revolution in SVG.

Please see attachment.

 I share with you a tribute to the late Shirmine Angela Haynes Fraser written by Norisen Jones a.k.a. Elsa Stephens Jones.

Not that this tribute spells out her full name in () in the acrostic poem format- Shirmine Angela Haynes Fraser Sunrise March 26, 1942 - Sunset March 10, 2008


(S)hirmine Angela Haynes Fraser

(H)ailed from Calliaqua, St. Vincent.

(I)n her youth she was always active and full of zip- (R)ehearsing for Harvest, attending Youth Fellowship, (M)astering knots, Morse code, and keeping control (I)n the Girl Guides as leader of her Daisy patrol.

(N)ever a dull moment for this attractive teenager- (E)specially when picnicking and partying as a Villager.


(A)s a friend, Shirmine made you feel very special, (N)urturing that friendship.... was always cordial.

(G)enerous to a fault as her family will say, (E)xceptionally so on Christmas or birthday.

(L)aughing and talking a-mile-a-minute,

(A)lways a joke, a touch, a smile - no limit.


(H)er service to the community you can‘t deny, (“A)h We Kind Ah Food”, “Folklorama,” you can rely (Y)ear after year on her doing her thing- (N)ever counting the cost of anything.

(E)very summer, picnics and games in the park, (S)hirmine talked the talk and walked the walk.


(F)amily she held very close to her heart, (R)elishing the love and every other part.

(A)las, she went in the twinkling of an eye, (S)trolling on streets of gold beyond the sky, (E)mbraced by family who went home before.

(R)est on, dear friend, rest on, Je t’adore.


Norisen Jones

Very good, Elsa.

Recently, Calliaqua Anglican School has lost alumni/a Winfield Williams, Shirmine Haynes Fraser and Sydney McIntosh.

We remember them fondly.

Love you all,

Cheryl King


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