St.Vincent Boys Grammar School Prize Winners 1951
Form Prize Category   Winner's Name
Form VI Special Prize W.E. Falby
  English P.E. Prescod
  Science L.W. Sandy
  Special Prize P.E. Prescod
Form V English G.A. Llewellyn
  Mathematics W.E. Marshall
  Science I.C. Layne
  Languages G.O. Grant
  History and Geography G.O. Grant
Form IV A English G.E. King
  Mathematics H.L. Alexander
  Science L.N. carrington
  Latin and French J.M.E. Cuffey
  History and Geography R.E.C. Layne
Form IV B English T. Gibbs
  Mathematics F.W. Dear
  Science T. Gibbs
  Languages F.W. Dear
  History and Geography T. Gibbs
Form III A English Subjects N.C. Collymore
  Mathematics N.C. Collymore
  Science A.E. Williams
  Languages N.C. Collymore
  Drawing I.V. Hadley
Form III B English Subjects A.F. Williams
  Mathematics C.P. Lewis
  Languages F.M. Ellis
  Science B.E. Stephens
Form II A English Subjects J.R. Hadley
  Mathematics R.S. Brisbane
  Languages E.L. Davy
  Drawing B.A. Bonadie
Submitted by Dr. Errol King
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