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In memory of Dennis Davidson (May 26 2006)

by Darnley Dublin


Hi Tony,


            Dennis Davidson,  "The Mighty" lived on "Devil Street" opposite the Anglican school. He was well known by most as a member of the renowned "Devil Street Gang" that hung out on the corner of lower back street near The Methodist Church.  He worked for Hillocks for some time, and that was when Hillocks was the manager of the Frankie McIntosh orchestra.


Dennis joined Frankie’s band and was a percussionist extraordinare, a showman with finesse and grace which was evident in the many engagements in St.Vincent and on several inter island trips which included St.Lucia, Grenada and Barbados. My memory of these trips can be summed up as follows: “Lord we had so much fun with "The Mighty"!!!!!!!!!!!!”.


He was always a very opinionated and controversial person, but under all of that bravado there was a very kind soul.  In 1970 I went to Trinidad and Tobago on a Customs course and he was there almost everyday to make sure that I wasn't in need of anything; he even went as far as to let me have the use of one of his cars for the duration of my stay in Trinidad. He was very instrumental in getting me a gig playing organ on Carnival Tuesday. His generosity knew no bounds; he would always tell me, " Come and work for me Dubbie, you are not making any money in SVG!!!!!!! I never took him up on his offer!!!


One night he took me to Laventille to hear Desperados Steel Orchestra practice. While we were enjoying the sweet sounds of pan a young lady recognized "The Mighty" and started shouting "That's him, that's him !!!! Well "The mighty" took off with one speed down the hill, the young lady and her henchmen in hot pursuit; suffice it to say that we had to run for our lives!!!!


 Another night he took me to a club where one of T&T top calypsonians (his name escapes now) was performing. "The Mighty" wasn't enjoying the show, so he gave the waitress a note to give to the singer; it read: "YOU SINGING A LOT OF SHIT, COME DOWN OFF THE STAGE!!" Well the show came to screeching halt; the guy did come off the stage and went after "The Mighty"!!!!  THAT WAS "THE MIGHTY" FOR YOU!!!!! 

There is so much more that can be said, but I will leave that for Frankie & Julian MacInosh,Clarence Garraway, "G" Weekes, Joseph "Mr Boo" MacIntosh and the other members of the band that "The Mighty" loved so much.


He was a dear friend and will be missed.

My sincere condolences to his family & relatives.

Goodbye my friend.

Darnley Dublin


Newspaper Article:


Friday, May 26th 2006 – source Trinidad Express

Dennis Davidson, the flamboyant insurance executive who was once branded by police as the country's most wanted man for his involvement in a multi-million dollar foreign exchange racket in the 1980s, is dead.  Davidson, 62, was known also for his lavish parties at his Valsayn residence where he often hosted businessmen, government officials and sports personalities.

In 1980s Davidson climbed to the heights of the insurance industry and won membership of the prestigious Million Dollar Round Table in 1982 after selling over $40 million in insurance. Attorney Bindra Dolsingh, a former friend, said the political contacts Davidson had cultivated propelled him on his way up in the insurance business.

As the country's oil boom faded later in the mid-1980s, and the economy plummeted, strict foreign exchange regulations were introduced to conserve depleting US dollars reserves. Davidson capitalised on the weakness of the system which required applications forms-the EC1 and EC0. He was later charged for conspiracy to defraud the Government of Trinidad for forging several exchange control forms and getting over US$100 million approved. This was later resold to businessmen hungry for vital US dollars. The fraud was called the EC- Zero racket.

With police hot on his heels Davidson fled the country in 1987, and Interpol was called in to locate him. After months of searching, Davidson was held after failing to stop at a red light in Orlando, Florida.

But, upon his return Davidson was successfully defended by Ramesh Lawrence Maharaj.

Davidson who had 13 children with 12 women died at the Mount Hope Medical Complex yesterday at 5.40 a.m. after suffering a stroke. He had been readmitted to hospital after having a heart attack and a stroke two weeks before.

His daughter La Toya Davidson-Waldron, 31, said she was proud to have him as her father: "He was the best. You know everyone has their own issues. He was my best friend. We were business partners, my confidante, liming partner. We got along great. My kids love him."

Davidson-Waldron said funeral arrangements would be finalised later today.