Below, see what Kenneth John had to say recently about "Pat" Huggins and  Teen resp. in his weekly column "This Week" where he mentioned people who have passed on and whose lives touched his in one way or another.


The Vincentian Friday 13th September 2002    P.6

"A Grand Obituary"


"Pat Huggins who hailed from the village of Chili died in his ninety-second year and was buried on the day that I returned from my holiday. I first knew Pat Huggins during the middle years of his illustrious career  as a civil servant.


In 1945 following a delay caused by the intervening second World War, many  of the recommendations of the Moyne Commission which investigated the 1935 disturbances were put into effect.


Among them was the setting up of a social welfare department under the  venerable C.V.D Hadley assisted by Mr. Pat Huggins by whom he was eventually succeeded. My own father who had retired as Sergeant Major of Police helped  to beef up the institution as newly appointed Public Assistance and Poor Relief officer.


Four ladies in the persons [of] Eileen Byer of Grenada, Elaine Williams,  Norma Kirby and Belle Allen completed the pioneering staff charged with the  task of taking up the enormous slack left in the country by centuries of  neglect.


In fact, the society was being upgraded to make it receptive and amenable to  constitutional changes that were to follow the grant of Adult Suffrage in  1951.

We were saved by the likes of Pat Huggins who inspired the youth as a young headmaster; built up the social infrastructure via processes led by the 4H Movement and, finally, provided administrative expertise as principal and permanent secretary in the emergent bureaucracy.


Pat Huggins had had a good knock in a long innings."


[About Teen:]


"The once effervescent Eileen Radix has fizzed off the stage. A wonderful woman with a zest for life. Eileen will always be remembered for  her warmth bordering on heat, her pungent wit  and inflammable humour."


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