Significant Dates

Fri ,  30 June     2006 - Accommodation and Registration Deadline
Fri,     4 August 2006 -  Welcome Reception
Sat,    5 August 2006 - Caribana Parade
Sun   6 August 2006 - Major Planning Session
Sun   6 August 2006 - Caribbean Carnival (Caribana) Lime 7pm - 2am
Mon,  7 August 2006 - Niagara Falls


GHS Global Reunion Summit August 6, 2006.

From the Hosting Committee:

The GHS Alumnae (Toronto Chapter) would like to thank all those who participated in today's Summit.
We would also like to extend our heartfelt thanks to those who have supported and encouraged us during the planning stages.
For those of you who have traveled long distances, we wish you a safe return journey and look forward to seeing you in 2011 at our 100th Anniversary celebrations. Don't forget to bring your answers to the trivia questions.
You have 5 years to research them !!!!!!!!!!!!


From the Summit Communications Coordinator:

Dear GHS sisters,

  We have come a long way since we had the first thoughts of a Global GHS Reunion Summit in Toronto on 6 August 2006. What a glorious time we had this week-end in Toronto !!! The hosts, the Toronto GHS Alumnae Association, did a superb job hosting a very successful Summit. We all know that these successful events entail much planning and hard work. The planning and hard work paid off and showed. There were so many compliments all around. This GHS gathering of sisters will be remembered with love, bonding and sisterhood for ages.

Now that  phase 1 (Summit) has been completed so successfully, undoubtedly, harnessing our positive energy and moving right along, the ideas that are being worked on for phase 2 (the celebration of the centennial of our dear alma mater GHS in 2011) will be productive. God willing.

We would like to thank the GHSAA-NY for the use of their website to disseminate information and for registration re the Summit. Thanks, too, to the web-master, Mr. Artie Phills, for always being so prompt in getting the information on the site.
We would like to thank Mr. Tony Hadley for his willingness to put our information on his web-site, for always accommodating us with frequent updates and for being the official photographer for the Summit.
Thanks to the Searchlight Newspaper in St. Vincent & the Grenadines for publishing an article about the Reunion Summit.
Thanks to the husbands, significant others and other family members for their support. As one husband said as we gathered in front of our hotel just before we left for the Summit,"they all look so happy."
Thanks to all who contributed to making this gathering such a success. Much appreciated.
It's all about GHS.
Together we can do more. We are all in this together.
Cheryl. King

14 August 2006
The Searchlight reports:

Over 100 past and present students and teachers of the Girls' High School gathered at the Scarborough Civic Centre in Canada on Sunday August 6 to plan for the school's 100th Anniversary in 2011.
Staff Reporter 11.AUG.06

A grand reunion to mark the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Girls' High School (GHS) will be held in St. Vincent some time in 2011. This decision was taken at the Global Summit of past students of this nation's premier girls' school held last Sunday, August 6 in Toronto, Canada.

Under the theme: "We are all in this together. Together we can do more", representatives of graduating classes from 1933 to 2002 interspersed the serious discussions surrounding the future of their alma mater with precious moments of laughter, tears and memories.

Feature speaker, Pastor Trudy Nanton-White set the tone for the summit by reminding the alumnae to place God at the centre of their deliberations and their lives. In her report, Headmistress of the GHS Andrea Bowman spoke of the achievements of the school as well as the challenges faced by today's students. Collette Charles, a 2006/2007 5th form student gave her perspective as a student of the school and informed the gathering of the changes her schoolmates indicated that they would like to see.

Ten committees were formed to lead projects geared at celebrating the school's centenary. Ynolde Mulraine-Adams will lead the committee to oversee the writing of the school history; the auditorium committee will be led by Marjorie Williams Cuffy; Paula Nanton Cox will spearhead efforts to compile a directory of the alumnae, while Rosalind Marshall Carew will head the fundraising committee.

Marcia King-Gambell chairs the Essay Competition committee while Lynette Norris Glasgow will coordinate efforts to publish a cookbook and have a mural painted in addition to other beautification projects at the school. Cheryl Phills King heads the endowment committee; Marguerite Rose will coordinate the lecture series and Janet Smith will organize a series of Arts nights.

During the course of 2007, an official Girls' High School website, which will play a pivotal role in disseminating information and galvanizing alumnae into action will be launched. Hayden Duncan chairs the website committee.

The plenary session was chaired by Dr. Joyce Providence Toney and was attended by some 100 members of the GHS Alumnae from throughout North America, Europe and the Caribbean.

The event, which was hosted by the Toronto Chapter of the Alumnae was one of the activities held in St. Vincent and overseas to celebrate the 95th anniversary of the founding of the school on May 8, 1911.

The Toronto Alumnae, whose president is Sharon Cato Hypolite, also hosted a welcome reception at the home of Dawn Fraser-England and her husband Raymond, on Friday August 4, as well as a brunch just prior to the summit. The summit was followed by a very well - attended Caribana Fete at the Scarborough Masonic Temple on Sunday night.
Cheryl King writes:

Hi everyone,

The deadline dates for registration and accommodation for the Global Reunion Summit have been extended from June 15, 2006, to June 30, 2006, and EVERYONE who is attending HAS to register.

We trust that you will accept this invitation to join us in Toronto this summer for our Reunion Summit (planning session). As you know, the 100th anniversary of our school is a few years away (2011).  Some of our past students had some foresight and came up with the idea that we should start planning for the celebrations early.  We would like this get together to happen in Toronto so that many of us can also have an opportunity to share  in the Caribana Festival that takes place at the end of July into early August.

Come with suggestions but feel free to send in your ideas ahead of time. 

Some of the ideas that are already on the table are:
      A Journal - sort of a trip down memory lane.
      A Cookbook to commemorate the occasion.

For the Journal, please start collecting old photos that would be appropriate and that you would like to share.  Of course special and unique recipes would be more than welcome for the cookbook.

Let's make a fun time of it.  It will be a time to renew acquaintances as we look towards 2011. 
The major planning session will be on Caribana Sunday, 6 August  2006 preceded by a complimentary brunch provided by our Toronto sisters.  

Following this, there will be the annual Caribana Sunday jump-up.  Accommodation has been arranged at a very reasonable rate for those who may need it.  Stay for  a week and enjoy Kiddies' Carnival, The King and Queen of the Bands show, Calypso contest, and then the big Parade on Saturday, August 5, 2006.  The International Dragon Boat Festival takes place on August 8 and many other Festivals are on around that time.

There will be a welcome reception on  Friday night, August 4, 2006. Please let the Toronto Alumnae Association know if you will be able to attend and if you are interested in a trip to Niagara Falls on Monday, August 7, 2006.
Reply ASAP to:

Hope to see you there, but don't forget to register early so that the appropriate arrangements can be made.

The Hosting Committee in Toronto.


Hi GHS sister,

  Hope that you are doing well. As you know, The St.Vincent and the Grenadines Girls' High School will celebrate 100 years of existence in 2011. It will undoubtedly be an occasion to celebrate. Those of us world-wide who are former attendees of GHS are invited to a Global Reunion Summit on Sunday 8/6/2006 at 2:00 p.m. in Toronto. That will be the Caribana week-end and we will meet before the Sunday evening function usually put on by the Toronto Alumnae.

  The GHS Alumnae Associations of Toronto and New York feel that they stand a good chance of getting many participants from different areas of the world at that time and in that place if people are given enough time to plan accordingly. We can then draw up a 5-year plan as we see fit to take us from 2006-2011 which will culminate with the 100 year celebration of GHS. Hope that you will be able to attend and participate. Plan to be there.

More details will follow later. Please pass on to other GHS sisters.

Please also send any ideas that you have for the reunion summit to Cheryl King at the contact information listed below. If you are in contact with any sisters who do not have access to the internet, please send them the information by regular mail and they can send any ideas that they have to:
Cheryl King, P. O. Box 702, Madison, NJ. 07940.

Thanks to those who have already sent in ideas for August 6, 2006.

Here are some ideas mentioned:

Creating a website that will consist of information related to all GHS matters.

A journal illustrating the mission,growth and activities of the school from its inception. As well as a concurrent  historical brief of activities in SVG for this period.

A Vincentian Cookery Book.(The Staff and students can fully participate by collecting recipes from family and friends).

Make and mention a special mention list of "Old Girls" such as:
Mrs. Eileen Bonadie,
Beryl Baptiste,
Mrs.  Viola  John,
Mrs Stella Anderson,
Mrs. Carlita (Jack) Cordice, 
Mrs. Eileen  (Connell) Woodroofe.

Speaking  with former students who are over 80 years old. They have stories to tell. Sisters such as
Marie Prince,
Mrs. V. Daisley,
Ruby Ford,
Muriel James.

Documenting a history of the school.

Documenting a short biography for each Head-Mistress and acting Head-Mistress of the school.

Compiling a directory of the names of former attendees of the school which can be used as a networking tool.

With your ideas (Cheryl King)
Re: the idea of a website that would cover all GHS-related matters :

Gale Branch Alexander has offered to donate her services, to create and maintain such a site.

Gale states :

"I would need a lot of input regarding content, though, as well as volunteer collaborators. That way, we could come up with a site that we could move forward with, and one that we could utilize as maybe the "go-to" site for information concerning the centennial celebrations, and the 5-year plan that would lead up to it. Also, I would like  to create a "memory gallery" please help by sending  photos (scanned), so we can take a wonderful trip down memory lane.
Gale Alexander
"Helping You Succeed",
Alpha Virtual Administrative Services, LLC
(856) 223-9700

The proposed GHS site would be an avenue for anything related to GHS anywhere to have a home on the web if needed.
If you have photos or anyone that you know has photos re GHS please scan and forward to Gale Branch Alexander at

Please also contact Gale with any thoughts that you may have for the website.

"Together we can accomplish more. We are all in this together."

Please keep the ideas coming in . All ideas are welcome. We will add them to the list.


Re Accommodation in Toronto- reasonable group rates have been arranged .

Accommodation may be arranged by visiting

  Rooms are available at the following rates (Canadian Currency):

  $69.95 for single & double
  $74.95 for triple
  $79.95 for quadruple

  Weekly rates are also available as follows:-

  $400 for double
  $405 for triple
  $410 for quadruple

Rooms can be viewed on the website. Otherwise, please contact Jean Fraser Anthony or Barbara Cuffy Palmer at the contact information listed below under Toronto.

Please make your accommodation by June 15, 2006 and mention Girls' High School.

UPDATE: 22nd April 2006 - Barbara Palmer writes:

There is some additional information about booking accomodation that we would like to have posted on the website.  One must call this toll-free number to make a booking : 1 877 225-8664. Ask for Centennial and please indicate that you are part of the GHS.  That will ensure that you get the correct rate, and you
can use your credit card.
Thanks. Regards, Barbara

It would be helpful to the planners if you could register as soon as possible, and we would really appreciate it if you could do so by June 15, 2006. Thanks.

Registration form is at:

Registration Form 15, 2006.  Please mention Girls



Peggy Gibbs Antrobus

Carol Graham Patino

Lawyer Kay Bacchus-Browne

Camille Crichton
e-mail: or

Joan Gonsalves
e-mail: or

Nelcia Marshall Robinson

Nelcia Marshall Robinson


Hazel Thompson Pompey
Jean Fraser Anthony

Barbara Cuffy Palmer

Grace Toney Stephens

Margaret Sullivan

Jackie/June Cropper Phills

Rosalind Marshall Carew


Helena Ollivierre Williams

Rozetta Lewis Hughes

Dr. Hayden Duncan

Simone Bramble

Cheryl Phills King

June Joshua

Narissa Morris, Esq.,

Dr. Joyce Toney

Mylene Matthews

Marilyn Edwards

Asonta M. Williams

Marguerite Rose

Cherrie Cuffy Hartley

Global Reunion Summit-Girls' High School attendees information on these websites.
Sign the guest book and reconnect with other sisters.

1.Girls' High School Alumnae Association (NY)

2.Tony Hadley's website:  or modern photos

3. Caribana 2006 Official site


Together we can accomplish more. We are all in this together

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CARIBANA_LIME_Aug 6 2006 Details