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My Thanks to Jean Fraser Anthony for submitting these photos. I know a couple of names but appreciate someone doing the identifications for me.  Place your mouse/cursor over the picture to see a second picture.

For Photo below:

Hi  Tony,
               to my left (Earl Jack) in the front row is Edrich Bascombe, Fred St.,
Stoney? Jackson, Tony Young, Mikey Chrichton, Arden Anderson, Cooper
Prescod/...seeing all the faces brought back a lot of memories; you realize
that pic is more than 40 years ago, wow!.

Hi Tony,
           I'll give it a try. Back row L-R; Bassy Alexander, Charlie harold, Lydon Charles, Olivet John,
John Horne, Rodway Fraser, Carl Tucker, Ramond (Fuzzy) Knights, Errie Corea,
(Eloman ) Lawrence, Chesney Saunders,  Middle row L-R; ? Bowman, Ray Dougan,
Agard?, Trevor Peters, Carl Glasgow Between Tony Young and Stoney Jackson is
I think Winston Gilbert, but not sure;
Don't know why I can't remember the one in front of Fuzzy Knights, or to the
left of me All alone in the front row is Jeffrey Agard.  Hope this helps.

G.E.M (Earl) Jack   "The Sweet Music Man"
G.E.. (Earl) Jack -
Hamilton Canada
Here are the members of the first Saints football team.  Centre photo on page 102~~
Back row: Tony Cotter, (sp?) Keith Saunders, Mikey Findlay (capt.), Raymond (Fuzzie) Knights, 'Killer' Haddaway,
Front row: Raymond England, Rodway Fraser, "Luxie" Quashie, Leroy Wilson, Dennis Davidson, Winston Frank.
Ellie Bowman
Submitted by Ellie Bowman
Back Row (from left): Bassie Alexander, Charlie Harold, Lydon Charles, Olivet John, John Horne, Rodway Fraser, Carl Tucker,
Raymond (Fuzzy) Knights, Errie Corea, Lawrence, Chesley Saunders.
Middle row: Lincoln Bowman, Ray Dougan, Winston Gilbert (partly hidden), Brisbane (Mickey, I think), Trevor Peters, Carl
Front row:  Cooper Prescod, Ardon Anderson, Mikey Crichton, Tony Young, 'Stonewall' (Dave) Jackson, unrecognized, I think that he is a Dougan, Edrich Bascome, Robin Punnett (partly hidden), Gelliceau (think that is the spelling), Earl Jack.

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Back row (from left):  Rodway Fraser, Franklin Jacobs, Ellie Bowman, Clifford Bowman, Stanley        Browne, Lydon Charles.
Centre row: Moulton Keane, Carl Tucker, Ardon Anderson, Dougie Cambridge,  Fred  (Bumpy) Providence, Errol (Moony) Thomas, Front row:  Owen Jackson, Winston Frederick, Bunny
Baptiste, Keith Saunders. P.S. We teachers have memories like  elephants!!   I will identify the others in
another photo on the same page!!
Ellie Bowman

Ronnie Daniel wrote:

> Dear Tony,
> Greetings.
> On page 102 of the photo album, Mr. Stephen Gellizeau
> is the person standing next to Mr. Earl Jack. He has
> been in London for the last forty or so years and is
> now retired.  He is actually married to my aunt.
> The spelling above is the correct one.
> Well, all the best and God bless you.
> Peace and Love
> ronniedee