A shaker preacher in the hills of RathoMill. Yes it was a windy day doing strange things to this man's apparel. It is almost religious that these pictures ended up as the  40th page.

In Rathomill there was a lady in our employ whom I knew attended some 'shaker' meetings.  From those meetings I could hear the sounds of that drum rolling over the hill and it was surely infectious. One day and in her presence, I played one of Bach's fugues mimicing, to the best of my ability, the shaker beat. With a wide grin, the lady looked at me and warned me that if she "broke away"  I would have to sprinkle water around her. I played on but I guess my "shaker beat' was not good enough to do the trick.

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Does anyone have any historical info on the Shakers in St.Vincent?

Someone sent this link:

A Brochure for Teachers on  Spiritual Shouter (Shakers in St.Vincent) Religion in Trinidad and Tobago
Bobby Jackson