1947 Photos by CVD Hadley

Department of Social Welfare
Kingstown, St.Vincent 1947
photo by CVD Hadley
CVD Hadley
Belle Allen
Students - Social Welfare Training
Clarie Paynter subsequently owned or ran that building as a guest house called "Windermere Guest House" where most of the overseas Grammar School masters stayed including Moore, Map, Worrell, Greaves, & Gordon.

Thanks To Clifford Edwards for this info.  
Cathleen Connell.
Eileen Byer
Norma Kirby
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Kodak Brownie camera?
Feb 10, 2002
Thanks to an e-mail from Tammy John who relayed  a message from her Mother Elsie John who is my godmother and identified the following:

At the back left to right: ...
George Cupid AKA Sonny Deshong,
Mr Compton,
Mr Baily and of course
Fredrick John (grandfather of Tammy John). As you can see I identified Federick John as Jem Antrobus.
CVD Hadley