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Submited by Henk ter Heide
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Photos can be downloaded for personal use -for all other use, permission must be granted.
Photos can be downloaded for personal use - for all other use, permission must be granted.
Dear Tony Hadley,

Google directed me to your website when I asked them to look for the name Lopey. I have of late been searching for Lopeys. The reason is that I am the widower of Caroline Noel Lopey, who was born in St.Vincent in 1932, youngest daughter of William Marcus Lopey, head of the Grammar School. My sister-in-law, the widow of Mr. Lopey's son Nat, and I for a long time believed that there were no more Lopeys in the world, but I did find about thirty up till now. I do not suppose there are still any Lopeys in St.Vincent, though there are a few in Barbados.

There are still in-laws of mine living in St.Vincent, but I do not hear much of them. Should you have any info which you think might interest me I will be grateful to receive it.

Photos submitted to you:

There are two pictures of the Don (Mr Lopey); the one in the garden I think dates from the 1940s and the other one from the 1950s. The caption on the picture of Masters and Prefects was, I think, written by the Don himself.

The fourth picture was .taken in August 1966 in Waddinxveen, the town where I still live. It shows Ellsworth "Shake" Keane. He was at that time living in Germany, where he played in James Last's famous band, and in 1966 and 1967 he twice stayed with us for a few days. I also have a picture of him playing the trumpet accompanied by my wife (Caroline Noel Lopey) on the piano, but it is rather dark and does not scan properly. He later sent us a signed copy of his play Nancitori With Drums.

Henk ter Heide

Note from Tony: If anyone has information or photos as related to Henk's request please contact him at his e-mail address

William Marcus Lopey was the headmaster of the Boys Grammar School in St.Vincent and you can find an article in the "I remember section on Him and the Poetic legacy of Shake Keane.  
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Thanks to Cheryl King
Re p.127 on your website you may want to identify the people in the 1955 Masters & Prefects photo:
Front row sitting L-R:
Mr. Norman Antoine, Mr. Theodore Worrell, Mr. Eugenio Moore, Mr. William Marcus Lopey, Mr. Fitz Gordon, Mr. Carl Charles, Mr. C. St. Clair Dacon .
Middle Row, L-R:
Vin Cuffy, Noel Collymore, Mr. Philip Greaves, Mr. Mark Mapp, Mr. Patrick Prescod,  Mr. Winston Baptiste.
Back row L-R:
Kerston Coombs, Wallace Dear, Robert Sutton, Richard Layne, Brian Gill.

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