Our new National Tennis Centre was opened Tuesday Oct 17 2000. It is located at Villa Flat on some land formerly owned by the Michael family. You turn off the main road near Cumberbatch's shop. It was funded by the Taiwanese and it cost EC $1,000,000.00. Thanks to Robert Young for Picture and info. There are 4 courts.
30 August 2002: Extracted from an article by Mike Nanton

The impressive facility is fully equipped with a comfortable club house, four championship hard courts with tournament quality lights. It also features a stadium court with seating for 500 spectators, and appropriately named in honour of former national champion and tennis stalwart, the late Stuart Nanton.

The facility itself is managed by the National Tennis association and is available to all visitors and locals for a modest registration and court usage fees. A warm Vincentian welcome awaits all who are willing to take some time to enjoy some fun, exercise and friendly games with local players of all ages and levels of play.

Tennis can be traced back to the 19th century in St.Vincent. At that time, the sport was played privately by the old plantocracy class, mainly as a social and recreational past time, , usually over a cup of tea. Not much changed until the 1950s, when the Kingstown Tennis Club came into existence, but even then, the sport was reserved for the 'well to do' and was stll a mens to generate social intercourse.

The following St.V photos of tennis were taken by CVD Hadley in 1947