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Former Headmaster of Boys Grammar School
A GHS teacher Elaine Gatherer continues to provide guidance and directions outside the school premises (just past "Thompsons Home"). "Prep" school is to the left.
One story  making the rounds in the sixties is the 'bright' fellow who was up for a caning. For a number of days he wore two pairs o khaki pants (maybe even two pairs of underpants). The fellow was called up for his caning and after the first wack, he collapsd to the ground and a prolific white froth emanated from his mouth. A concerned headmaster attended and helped him back to class. With a wide grin he explained to his fellow classmates that he had loaded up his mouth with Enos fruit salts and spit it out slowly after he got the first wack. Don't think this is going to work again so you younger generation don't try it because you might get twice the amount.
Former Headmaster of BGS.
Mr. Williams
Norma Keizer
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Not the only teacher to be recognized but this is the Gladys Hadley Award given at the GHS.
Gladys Hadley
Mr Roberts - Economics Teacher at BGS during the sixties. A hell of a piano player - honky-tonk and other popular styles. Resided in a small but comfortable house in New Montrose (lower side) adjacent to the road going up.to the leeward side.
I think that he was Canadian and had a brother who worked with GE.
10 Feb 2002
On a sad note Norma Keizer wrote an obituary of Miss Janet Buchan who died last week in Scotland. Miss Buchan's financing of Mrs. Keizer's university education and her payment of a pension to a not very appreciative former maid must rank high amongst the former Headmistress' "nameless, unremembered acts of kindness and of love" which Wordsworth maintains is the best part of man's life. She will be remembered by many of the GHS alumni as their Headmistress in the '50s and '60s.
Gladys Hadley: A Geography and French Teacher at the GHS up until 1966. She loved teaching and folks have told me that she was a very good and inspiring teacher. They say she had a nack of explaining things simply. I know she loved her 'girls' and some of her greatest thrills was the heightened expectancy of wanting to know how well her students had done at the Cambridge External exams. She did not fail to conduct classes on Saturday if she felt it was needed. She even took on students at home (free of charge) and provided tutoring when required. 

What is even more surprising (perhaps not) is how little attention she would bring to herself. Never once would I hear anything from her that she did this for that person or that this person owes everything to her. Stories would come from individuals in laters years and they thought that I would have known. But I did not!

Even in Barbados in the latter part of her years, she tutored a young lady who may have had no chance but might be well on her way to becoming a Medical doctor.. There were several advanatages for her in doing tutoring in her later years. It was very important for her to maintain mental alacrity as the rest of her body became ravaged by the 'Golden Years'. Tutoring was one way while reading,  doing crossword puzzles in the local paper and international papers like the "economist" was another way. It worked since she had her senses to the very end and that may or may not be a good thing. 

I not sure how many people knew what a brilliant pianist she was. That was the part that inspired me the most. In her final days in a Nursing home, I was able to play on an old piano some gentle and soothing piano music for her which I know she appreciated. She was buried in the same grave (her wish) as her husband CVD on Valentine's day because as she said 'there could never or would never be another man like him".
Janet Buchan
'Dennis' Janet's adopted son
Ann Duncan - wife of Julian Duncan
Thanks to Julian Duncan who submitted this photo. It was taken in a little town outside of Edinburgh, near to Murchiston, where Janet Buchan
lived.  The picture was taken on a Sunday in August 1997.