Kingstown Market - Sixties
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The young fellow with his outstretched hand is paying for a "press". For the really young folks, the seller had a large block of ice in his cart which he grated with a cup-like  apparatus. The grated ice was compressed in that cup, removed and dipped into a very colourful syrup. The cart at the extreme right probably contained "penny bread" and it looks like you could buy a carbonated drink called JU-C. "Market" place was located to the right and was very busy on Saturday.
.Market place on Saturday (in town) was and probably still is a very busy place. Produce came from all over the island but if you wanted to save a few cents or dollars, you would go to Fountain early in the morning.  This is a place with buyers and sellers:  a place to chat,  maybe some "Comess":

The two ladies with the light coloured dresses might be saying: "girl! you would'nt believe what happen to me last night - that man of mine came home late and ......". The rest I will leave to your imagination but you know it had to be good!

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see 1910 Photo below - added Oct 2002
Marcos Reilly submitted this photo which is  probably dated around 1910.
Note the elegant clothing that seems to cover most of the  body. I wonder if the weather was much cooler at that time.