Beautiful Harbour Club, St.Vincent - Forties
My thanks to the Hon. John Horne  for supplying the photo and to Clifford Edwards for transmitting it to me. This reproduction would have been done in the 40s.

The new Cruise Ship Berth and Terminal (see picture below) is now housed where Harbour Club used to be...
Note that this reproduction starts as a black & white photo that is hand coloured:

It is quite incredible that something as beautiful as this existed at that time. When I was around, It did not look like this so it is a privilege to see it from this perspective.

Does have anyone have some history on this place or anecdotes that may be of interest to all?

SEP 2001: I did get a response that a Vincentian gentleman laid eyes for the first time on an attractive lady. The very next day he visited her and brought a basket a julie mangoes. They married and produced a family and story has been passed down. I did not realise the power of a Julie mango - maybe it is something in the St.Vincent soil.

Photo by P. Providence-Phillips
27 Feb 2002: Fred Prescod writes: I have a vague recollection of Harbour Club serving as the venue for the  Grammar School's short-lived aquatic sports meetings around the mid-fifties.  The event may have been introduced by Fitz Gordon, Eugenio "Jonas" Moore, or Winston "Sir Bats" Batiste.  It may have run for two or three years.  The champion swimmers and divers were the Gunn boys (Dick & Jeff), Richard "Dick" Layne, ... McMillan, and I think Foster "F.C." Huggins.  There were others, but those named are the ones I remember. Actually, this may give me a good excuse to get in touch with Dick Layne to see if he can fill in the gaps.  He lives somewhere in Ontario.

After speaking with Dick Layne, I just wanted to confirm the information I sent you about Harbour Club.  Dick remembers the aquatic sports being either 1953 & 1954, or 1954 & 1955.  He seems to think it may have been
"Sir Bats" who organized the event.  The Victor Aquorum (?) the first year was Dick Gunn, and the second year it was Dick Layne.  McMillan's name was Ian. I now seem to remember also Noel  King and Kerwyn Morris as two of the junior champions.

27Feb 2002: I got an e-mail from a Greaves whose grandfather helped to build the Harbour Club(see Guest Book entry).

The picture below submitted by P. Providence-Phillips  of New York is the cruise ship berth which is built where the Harbor Club was located. I extend my appreciation. Tony H