GHS 1961 - Lower Fifth Form

Front Row Left-to-Right
Norma Neverson, Candace Gurley, Else Stephens, Anne Bachus, ASH?

Second Row
Aileen Sutherland, Cynthia Whittle, ??1 Marcelle Slater, Dawn De Santos

Third Row
Joan Gonsalves, Nesta Paynter

Thanks to Marcelle Slater for his photo which came via C. Whittle

Cheryl King writes:

I looked at the picture to which Cynthia W referred
and in the back row (l-r) #6 is Elizabeth Harold and #9 (extreme right in  glasses) is Pearlie Agard.
The person in the front row is Sandra Ash (far right).
1967 Photo: Here's a shot of a different set of faces - our teacher here is Kathy Piercy who went on to marry Sims Martin.  From left to right,
we are:- Serena Tony, Marva Hinds, Rose Anne DaCosta, Margeret Marshall, Dina Mascoll,  Kathy Piercy, Anne Williams, Annie
DeFreitas (far back), ?, Shermain Walker (tall girl), Cherrie Bowman, Anes Brown, Sandra Bramble.

Thanks to Rose Anne Dacosta for submitting this.
I believe that the person in the Lower Fifth form photo, sandwiched between
Cynthia Whittle and Marcelle Slater is Ursula (Dennie) Martindale.   She
must have been their prefect.

Bye for now,
Cherrie Cuffy

2003 Update
Thank you for this wonderful site.  When I get home sick I just travel through the pages and I'm back home again.  In page 87  GHS 1961 Lower Fifth Form, the
name "Serena"? she was Serena Tony not sure if she got married.    It is truly a wonderful idea.
Thank you and may God bless you.
Sandra Bowen