Breakfast Photo
Many thanks to Patricia, Hazel and Cheryl for taking the time to identify the folks in the photo. It is appreciated.
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27 Sept 2002: Patricia Phillips wrote:

Bottom Photo: Far right - white dress w/long scarf - Patricia Edwards-Johnson  - now residing in Barbados.(Sister of Dr.Geoff Edwards, Toronto, Canada) She is also seated on the right in the Breakfast Photo. P. Providence-Phillips
Class of 1962 GHS - 2002 Reunion held in St.Vincent.
3rd October 2002 Hazel Pompey wrote,

Dear Tony,
I hope you are fine.  I am finally able to send you the names  to place with the photographs.  They are for the second photograph only.
Thanks again, Hazel

Back Row:  (From left)   Ercelle(John) Thomas, Margaret Allen, Marcelle (Alves) Neverson, Evelyn(Gould) Rose, Marcelle(Fraser) Jones, Joye Browne, Hazel (Thompson) Pompey, Monica Huggins, Cheryl(Phills) King, Joan (Waldron) King, Ena (Gibson) John, Elitha McMahorn, Helen (Bowman) Agard, Patricia (Edwards) Johnson 
Front Row     Dawn (DaSantos) Jones,
Sitting:  Teachers - Mrs. Keizer,  Mrs. Norris, and  Mrs. Davy

7th October 2002 Cheryl Phills-King wrote,
Hi Tony,
Hope that all is going well with you. With regard to the identification of the 1962 GHS Reunion folks on P.92 of your web-site here goes:

The first picture was taken at the dinner held at Mariner's Inn, Villa, SVG on Saturday, July 6, 2002, the last function of the reunion.
L-R back:
Margaret Allen, Hazel (Thompson) Pompey, Evelyn (Gould) Rose, Irma
Dougan, Monica Huggins, Joye Browne, Ercelle (John) Thomas, Lynette
(Norris) Glasgow.
L-R front:
Ena (Gibson) John, Mercelle (Fraser) Jones, Cheryl (Phills) King,
Dawn (Da Santos) Smith, Marcelle (Alves) Neverson.

The second picture was taken at the breakfast held at the Methodist Church Hall, Kingstown, SVG on Sunday June 30, 2002 which followed the church service held at the Methodist Church, Kingstown, SVG, the first function of the reunion.
L-R back standing:
Ercelle (John) Thomas, Marcelle (Alves) Neverson, Margaret Allen, Irma Dougan, Evelyn (Gould) Rose, Mercelle (Fraser) Jones, Joye Browne,  Hazel (Thompson) Pompey, Monica Huggins, Cheryl (Phills) King, Joan (Walrond) King, Ena (Gibson) John, Elitha (Mc Mahorne) Grant,  Helen (Bowman) Agard.
L-R sitting :
Dawn (Da Santos) Smith, Patricia (Edwards) Johnson.

The third picture was taken at the breakfast held at the Methodist Church Hall, Kingstown on Sunday June 30, 2002 which followed the church service held at the Methodist church, Kingstown, SVG, the first function of the reunion.
L-R back standing:
Ercelle (John) Thomas, Margaret Allen, Marcelle (Alves) Neverson, Evelyn (Gould) Rose, Mercelle (Fraser) Jones, Joye Browne,  Hazel (Thompson) Pompey, Monica Huggins, Cheryl (Phills) King,
Joan (Walrond) King, Ena (Gibson) John, Elitha (Mc Mahorne) Grant, Helen (Bowman) Agard, Patricia (Edwards) Johnson.

L-R front standing :
Dawn (Da Santos) Smith
L-R front sitting:
Mrs. Norma Keizer, Mrs. Irma Norris, Mrs. Celitha Davy.
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Cheryl King's reunion Sumary

Just wanted to share with you my summary of the week's activities of the 1962 GHS Fifth Form held in SVG 6/30/02-7/6/02.Feel free to pass on.

A church service was held on Sunday 6/30/02 at the Methodist Church and
conducted by Rev.Lemmew Samuel.

The 1962 GHS Fifth Form participated in the readings of the service accordingly: -The Ministry of the Word-The Old Testament-Jonah 3:1-10-Mrs. Cheryl (Phills) King, Canticle#34 & The
Epistle-Acts 11:4-18-Mrs. Ercelle (John)Thomas, The Gospel-Luke 17: 11-19-
Mrs. Evelyn (Gould)Rose.

The service was followed by a breakfast at the Methodist Church Hall. At the service and breakfast, were Margaret Allen, Marcelle (Alves) Neverson & husband Dick Neverson, Helen (Bowman) Agard,
Joye Browne, Dawn (DaSantos) Smith, Irma Dougan, Patricia (Edwards) Johnson, Mercelle (Fraser) Jones, Ena (Gibson) John, Evelyn (Gould) Rose and husband Doneth, Ercelle (John) Thomas,Cheryl (Phills) King and husband Dr. Baldwin King, Hazel (Thompson) Pompey and daughter Yolande, Joan (Walrond) King and husband Dr. Winston King.

Other guests included Dr. Errol G. King, Gillian (Marshall) John, Brenda (McMillan) Alleyne, Grace (Marshall) Morris,Jennifer Morris, Viola Daisley-John, LaFleur John, Carmen Jack, Pearl
(Cuffy)Campbell, Aubria Maingot-Bailey, Louise Allen, Annette (Findlay) Liverpool.

Mrs. Norma Keizer (former Head-Mistress of GHS) Mrs. Irma Norris and Mrs.
Celitha Davy, Mrs. Elaine Connell attended the service but not the breakfast.

There was a display with memorabilia from Andrea (Punnett) Boos, books of poems written by June (Isaacs) Mascoll. A group picture of 1961 GHS LvL, a picture of the late Cleopatra (King) Martin etc.Joye Browne was the M.C. and we started off with the singing of the school song. She mentioned greetings
from Jean (Fraser) Anthony), Charmaine (Isaacs) Odlum, Marelise (Cherrie Cuffy) Hartley, Rosina (Pope), Roslyn (Marshall), Marjorie (Williams) Cuffy. Cheryl (Phills) King mentioned greetings from other 1962 Form 5 students who had been in touch with her including, Cynthia (Haynes) Ashby, Joan (Samuel) Simien, Elsa (Stephens) Jones, Norma Neverson, Pearlie (Sutherland) Crichton etc.

Mention was made of the recent passing of Joyce (Peters) McKenzie in June a former teacher of GHS and friend to many of us. A moment of silence was observed in honor of our late Head-mistress Miss Janet Bucchan and others of the 1962 Fifth Form who are no longer with us. These included
Cleopatra (King) Martin, Nesta Paynter, Cathy (Smith) Durrant and Jennifer Williams. Evelyn (Gould) Rose brought greetings from Dr. Joyce Toney who is the President of the Girls' High School Alumnae Association of NY. Dr. Errol King paid tribute to the late Mrs. Gladys Hadley who not only taught at GHS but taught Geography at the Grammar School as well when the Grammar School needed a Geography teacher. Miss Bucchan was the Head-mistress when some members of the class of 1962 entered the Girls' High School, and Mrs. Hadley was the Acting Head-Mistress when other members of the class of 1962 entered GHS. Mrs. Keizer reminded us to keep Miss Jacobs in mind and it was decided that a visit should be paid to Miss Jacobs. Margaret Allen and Elitha (McMahon) Grant reminisced about GHS and thanks were offered for the fine training that we received at the institution. It was a wonderful morning of bonding and fellowship. Joye reminded us of the events that would take place for the rest of the week.

We were asked to think also of 2011 which would mark the centennial of GHS.We were asked to also keep in mind the Endowment Fund which is being initiated by the 1962 GHS Fifth Form but which will solicit funds from all past students, teachers and friends of GHS.These funds will be used to help meet the needs of students of GHS.

For more info. about The Endowment Fund contact Lynette Glasgow-Norris at It was also mentioned that the Grammar School will be celebrating their centennial in 2008.

On Monday 7/1/2002 we gathered at the GHS. At approximately 9:30 a.m.  the dedication of the name sign which will be placed at the entrance to the school took place. The student body of the school assembled and the 1962 GHS group was welcomed by the Deputy Head-Mistress Mrs. Roxanne Lalsee. The School Hymn was sung. Prayers and devotion were led by Mr. Hermon Cummings.
Remarks were made by Joye Browne and the dedication was done by Dean Ulric Smith, husband of 1962 Fifth Former, Dawn (DaSantos) Smith.The Head-Mistress, Mrs. Susan Dougan addressed the Assembly and thanked the group for the contribution to the school. Then the School Hymn were sung. It was a poignant moment as present students observed past students giving back something tangible to their Alma Mater.

1962 GHS Fifth Formers present were: Margaret Allen, Marcelle (Alves) Neverson, Joye Browne, Dawn (DaSantos) Smith, Mercelle (Fraser) Jones, Ena (Gibson) John, Evelyn (Gould) Rose, Cheryl (Phills) King, Hazel (Thompson) Pompey, Joan (Walrond) King. We were given a tour of the Library and the Computer Science room while in the background we were entertained by the strains of the GHS steel-band as they practised for the steel-band competition that was due to take place as part
of the carnival activities.

On Tuesday 7/2/2002 we attended the Graduation and Prize Giving Ceremony of GHS which took place at the Methodist Church. It was reminiscent of our Speech Night in a way. It was an inspirational occasion. In attendance were Dr.The Hon. P.M. Ralph Gonsalves, The Acting Governor-General Her Excellency Monica (Sheen)Dacon a former student and teacher of GHS. The Deputy Head-Mistress Mrs. Roxanne Lalsee was the M.C. and welcomed the 1962 GHS Fifth Form group. During the report of the Head-Mistress, Mrs. Susan Dougan, the P.M. was observed taking notes as the head-Mistress outlined the needs of the school.1962 GHS Fifth-formers who participated in the Graduation Exercises were Dawn (DaSantos) Smith who was the featured speaker, former Head-Mistress Joye Browne was introduced and applauded, former teacher Helen (Bowman) Agard was introduced and applauded and Cheryl (Phills) King presented the Special Prizes and Awards.

The student of the year Andrea Veira was presented with the Lady Antrobus Prize for English, the award
donated by the NY Alumnae for Chemistry, the award donated by the Toronto Alumnae-Gladys Hadley for Geography, the prize for Information Technology donated by Dick Office Machines Services. Andrea's Valedictory Speech was both entertaining and philosophical. The future is in good hands. I understand that tapes of this ceremony are usually available for sale.

1962 GHS 5th Formers present were:
Margaret Allen, Joye Browne, Dawn (DaSantos) Smith, Irma Dougan, Mercelle
(Fraser) Jones, Ena (Gibson) John, Evelyn (Gould) Rose, Lynette
Norris-Glasgow, Cheryl (Phills) King, Hazel (Thompson) Pompey, Joan
(Walrond) King Other teachers:Jeanne (Williams)Horne (former Head-Mistress),Jeanette
(Ballantyne) France.

Wednesday 7/3/2002 the Tea and fashion show held at the GHS were well attended. The Acting Governor-General Her Excellency Monica (Sheen) Dacon attended as were many past students (Shirley Charles, Kathleen (Payne) Huggins, Yvonne Harold, Sandra (Ballantyne), Louise Allen, Betty (Cropper)
Horne, Marcelle (Slater) Lewis, Peggy (Ince) Hull, Yvonne Gaynes, Jeanette (Ballantyne) France, Gillian (Marshall) John, Melanie (John) McKenzie, Monica (Thomas) Woodley Jeanne (Williams) Horne etc. Spouses of 1962 5th formers included Dr. Baldwin King and Doneth Rose and friends of GHS
included Dr. Hughes Dougan and wife Elaine and Dr.Errol G. King.The fashion show was mainly co-ordinated by Kimya Glasgow daughter of Lynette Norris-Glasgow and Lawyer Carl Glasgow. The show and models were quite professional in their approach. It was a lovely evening
Thursday 7/4/2002 Margaret Allen, Joye Browne, Dawn DaSantos, Monica Huggins, Hazel (Thompson)Pompey and daughter Yolande, Dr.E.G.King were among those who went on the Captain Yannis trip and enjoyed the day.

Friday 7/5/2002 some of us attended the Miss Carival Show where Miss SVG was crowned Miss Carival.

Saturday 7/6/2002. Monica Huggins, Ena (Gibson) John, Jennie John, Hazel (Thompson) Pompey were among those who embarked on the early morning walk. Later in the evening was the dinner which was held at Mariner's Inn. In attendance were:
1962 GHS Fifth Formers:
Margaret Allen, Marcelle (Alves) Neverson and husband Dick, Joye Browne, Dawn (DaSantos) Smith & husband Dean Ulric, Mercelle (Fraser) Jones & husband Selwyn, Ena (Gibson) John, Evelyn (Gould) Rose & husband Doneth, Ercelle(John) Thomas and husband Matthew, Lynette (Norris) Glasgow & husband Lawyer Carl Glasgow, Cheryl (Phills) King & husband Dr. Baldwin King, Hazel (Thompson) Pompey & daughter Yolande.

Friends included Dr. Errol G.King, Gillian & Lennox John, Melanie & Norral McKenzie, Jennie John, Stella, Dr. Jeffrey Daisley, the Deputy Consul-General of NY Cyril Thomas and family members.
Each 1962 GHS Fifth Former spoke for a few minutes about the joy experienced during the week of activities. Dick Neverson husband of 1962 Fifth Former Marcelle (Alves) Neverson, lauded the 1962 GHS Fifth Form for their efforts.

His hope is that former students of the Grammar School would embark on a similar venture in the near future.

At the end of our successful reunion we now look to the future. What next ?
A global summit of all former students of GHS ? This much we know, there is a need for this kind of venture on a regular basis. To those who could not join us this time we hope that you will be able to do so next time. The count-down for the centennial of GHS in 2011 has already begun.

Thanks to Lynette Norris-Glasgow (for planting the seed of having the 1962 Fifth Formers get together in 2002), to the Planning Committee for putting it all together, to the caterers for the fine cuisine, to everyone who participated in any way, to Len Edwards ( for helping us by mentioning the reunion in his newsletter to Tony Hadley for helping us by putting the information on his web-site:

To the newspapers:Mrs. Keizer and " The Searchlight" and "The Vincentian."
To Yolande Pompey for being our willing photographer.
Thanks to GHS and all who had a hand in shaping our lives.

A wonderful moment in time. Thanks Baldwin, for your love and support.
God bless.
Cheryl (Phills) King
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