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This page was last updated on: November 19, 2006
This page was last updated on: November 19, 2006
24 June 2006 Cheryl King writes:

Hi, I am sharing with you a message from the Principal of the Calliaqua Anglican School, Ms. Yvette Bowens. She is to be lauded for her efforts and her goals for the Calliaqua Anglican School and kudos to Jahi Hasanati. Hope that you will be able to help, especially if you are a past student or friend of the school. Please get in touch with Ms. Yvette Bowens directly at  or at 1-784-457-4588. Much appreciated. Please pass on. Thanks. Love, Cheryl.

From: "Yvette Bowens" <> To: Subject: Calliaqua Anglican School - Making Connections Date: Wed, 14 Jun 2006 08:32:47 -0400

Dear Madam, My name is Yvette Bowens, Principal of the Calliaqua Anglican School. In my quest to help the many students of this institution I have been seeking the help and assistance of past students. Mrs. Sylvia Sayers, Senior Education Officer, gave me your name and asked me to speak to Ms.Irma Dougan who gave me your e mail address. I do hope to work with the Villagers and you in getting our school to be one of the top schools in SVG. However, this note is to seek your assistance in getting one of our students to Florida for the summer holiday. Jahi Hasanati has offered the student who tops the common entrance for the Calliaqua Anglican school a trip to Florida along with the Principal. After speaking to the Cheif Education Officer, Mrs. Susan Dougan, she asked me to look for sponsorship so that we can take two students. Your help and assistance in seeing this become a reality is needed. I can be contacted at the school 457-4588 (784) Thank you very much. Yvette.

23 Nov 2005 Cheryl Hazell writes:

Hello guests of Tony Hadley's Oldies website:

Please note that the St Vincent genealogical research site is now online at We welcome your posts and any other type of contributions you can make in aid of the ongoing research on this site.

Many Vincentians are searching for their roots and if you have any information on any of the surnames, we welcome your input. The names I'm personally searching can be found on this page:


Cheryl Hazell

2006  GHS  Summit (Old version)
2006  GHS  Summit (Old version)