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My Thanks to Julian Duncan for submitting this photo.
Hello Tony.
Season's Greetings!
I was  doing some spring cleaning and came upon some pictures from my St. Vincent collection, which might
be of interest to you.

The first one is of the Grammar School Cadet Corps on its way from the Service held on 2nd June 1952 to mark
the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II.  We were on our way back to the Armoury at the Grammar School and
are on Back Scteet, passing what was Corea's Grocery (current site of National Commercial Bank).

In the photograph are Commanding Officer Mr Eugenio Moore (deceased); behing him is Sargeant Clifford 'Inky'
Williams; following in rows of threes are:1 Corporals 'Keener' Jackson, Michael Dopwell, Winston Charles;   2
Corporal ?. Jack(deceaased), Lance Corporals Julian Duncan, ?. Tucker;  3 Privates Adrian Broomes
(deceased), Ian McMillan, Ian John;  4  Wallace Dear, Marcus Creese, Albert Lockhart; 5   Cauldric de Bique
(deceased), Ian Hadley (deceased), Edwqrd Griffith (deceased);   6 Cameron King, Lawrrence Colymore, Nigel
Da Silva;  7  Stilson Glasgow (deceased), Lance da Silva, Ken Williams;  8 Elroy Smith, Kerwyn Morris, Tony
Gibbs;  9  Errol Daisley, Desmond Quammie, Dick Gunn (deceased);  10   John Iton, Vibert de Shong, Vibert
Stephens (deceased) and in the rear Sargeant Eardley Stephens (deceased).

The other pictures are of a parade proceeding up  what was 'Hospital Road' from Tyrrel Street en route to
Victoria Park for some ceremony:  the other is a view  of the Police Barracks from the jetty which was in
operation before the reclamation of land on the bay front.  Note the Immigrration Bureau on the left and the
Customs' boat house on the right.  This is where passangers from the Lady Boats and other tourists normally
landed in the old days.

Julian Duncan

PS Note from Tony: other photos referred to in Julain's note will be posted later.