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My Thanks to Henry Neblett for submitting this photo.
My thanks to Fred Prescod, Julian Duncan and Henry Neblett for supplying the following info. It is much appreciated. As you can see there is agreement except for the 4th person from the left - he is either a Singh or Shan Mohammed. If anyone else has comments, they would be appreciated.

Hello Tony:

To the best of my knowledge the photo on page 101 (BGS Masters) would have been taken around 1950 or 1951, and the gentlemen in the picture are as follows:

Left to Right -
1. Stanley Iton
2 - Mr. . Lewis Burnett
3. Cecil Cyrus
4. Shan Mohammed? ... I think he may have been a science master?
5. U.G. Crick (Assistant/Deputy Headmaster)
6. W.M. ("The Don) Lopey (Headmaster)
7. Elsworth ("Shake") Keane
8. H.S. Mosley (Games Master)
9 -Mr. ... Bascomb
10. J.L. ("Parkie") Eustace

Today I have been in communication with Leonard Sandy, who will look at the photo and get back to me with confirmation of the identifications. I have also consulted with Saville Cambridge in England who does not have internet.
Fred  Prescod

Hi Tony,
The members of Staff in the photograph are from left to right

1. Stanley Iton (who taught Geography)
2. Lewis Burnett (Geography)
3. Cecil Cyrus (latin)
5. Mr. Ulric.Crick (Maths)
6. Headmaster W. M. Lopey (Scripture and History)
7. Shakes Keane (Music and French)
8. H. L. Mosley (Maths and Latin) an unremembered person and
10. J. P. Eustace (Drawing, English and Woodwork).   
This would be about 1949/ 1950(?)
Julian Duncan

Dear Tony
Grammar school masters:-left to right are:
1. S B Iton, 2. Burnett,  3. C Cyrus, - 4. Singh,  5. U G Crick, 6. W M Lopey,
7. E M Keane, 8 H L Moseley, - 9 Bascombe, 10. J L Eustace.
Henry Neblett