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Submitted by Mr Ernest M.Wiltshire who writes :I am attaching a number of photos most of which date back to about 1950  (we lived at Mt. Coke (Stubbs)  from 1949-1952) but my father was later
Methodist Superintendent in Kingstown, from about 1967-1971.

St.Vincent Photos in the early fifties. 
More text will be added later.
Church in Evesham
MtCoke Methodist Church and the photo below is the associated residence.
Adina, Ann, Murray & Errol Wiltshire and photographer Clyde McKell's wife & son, Sybil & Lynfield MtCoke-c.1950.
E.C. Priest, Rev. Errol Wiltshire, Mrs. Ramsey, Archbishop of Canterbury, Ramsey,.