BGS Fifties Oldies
Photos submitted by Kenneth Williams Oct 2003
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From Kenneth Williams
Attached please find two pictures from my period, the fifties. One is of the Inter school tournament team of 1956 and the other a BGS Group 1957 which  includes the late Dr. Stanley Anderson.

Inter School Tournament Team 1956 is as follows : Back Row  
L-R  Lennox John, Kenneth Williams,
Kerwyn Morris,
Michael Joshua,
Jack Dear,
? Cuffy,
? John, 
Second Row  L-R  Fred Prescod, ? Ford,
George Boyce,
? Soso,
Winty Roberts,
Front Row 
L-R Vanny Alexander, Kenneth John, Head Master, Mr. Moore, Cammy King,
? Davy.

The other picture is just a BGS group 1957 I think at a sport meeting at Richmond Hill School grounds,
they are as follows : L-R George Boyce, Creswell (I think), Leon Philips, Kenneth Williams,
(late) Dr. Stanley Anderson, Errol Allen, Fred Prescod.

Kenneth Williams