St.Vincent Oldies - Historic Postcards
submited by Peter Elias - photos should be around the early or before the mid 19 hundreds.
This page was last updated on: November 19, 2006
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Seems like almost everyone was wearing white. I wonder what the dress code was in those days and I wonder if it was sea-island cotton?  I was able to identify the writing on the far-right building and it said "Ritchard Brothers". Was this the building which at one point was "Hadley Brothers"?
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Elma Gabriel writes:
Is it possible that they were bleaching the flour bags by means of the sun and then make clothes? Remember, in those days our people used their creativity for survival. It would have taken two to three bags to make an outfit for the average size woman and one and a half bag to make a simple shirt for a man.

Thanks for the updates and keep up the great work.
Elma G.