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Ross Wagenseil submission
Dear Mr. Hadley:

I just bought and antique map (ca. 1764) that seems to show Calliaqua when it was in the early planning stages. 

Attached is a scan of the map at 150 dots-per-inch which you may attach to your web site.  I can get you more detailed views, but the file size gets large.

It is from a French atlas by Jaques-Nicolas Bellin.  The map may actually date back to a book he did about ten years before.  Between the two dates, of course, was the Seven Years' War, which changed many people's plans.

Yours truly,
Ross Wagenseil
Oldest map of Calliaqua?
The Virginia Gazette of 14 January 1773 - (St. Vincent, 03 October 1772) - First Carib War

On Monday last, as a Party of the thirty second Regiment was marching to join the Troops encamped near Niamboo River, they were attacked by the Caraibs from amongst the Bushes. A great many of the Savages were killed and wounded; of the King's Troops a Corporal and four Men were killed and wounded, and a Negro who attended them was likewise killed. It seems that a Frenchman, who was standing upon a Hill adjacent to the Place where the Engagement began, gave the Caraibs the signal when to fire; the Villain at once apprehended, was sent to Kingstown, and put on Board one of his Majesty's Ships of War, It is to be hoped he will meet with such punishment as is adequate to his Debts (?).

Same Day the Caraibs set Fire to and burnt down the Plantation of Mr. BRUCE (?) at Wachilabean (?), and killed some of his Negroes. One of the Caraibs that delivered himself up last Week to his Excellency the General was found in Arms against his Majesty, and on Wednesday last was hanged at Calliaqua.

Thursday Morning, about nine o'Clock, the Caraibs burnt down the Plantation of Mons. LACROIX, and killed some of his Negroes. Immediately after that barbarous Transaction, they came to the next Estate (Mons. PRADIE's) with an intent to set it on Fire; but by the Vigilance of a Detachment of the southern Regiment of Militia, under the Command of Captain GLYNN (?), they, after reconsidering (?) the Militia (who were wishing for an Engagement) thought proper to take themselves off to their _________ Place of Abode. Had it not been for the above Detachment being posted at Mons. PRADIE's, not only his, but every Estate in the Valley of Ouariwaroe (?), would have been destroyed. In the Afternoon a Party of the Troop under the Command of Colonel Harry ALEXANDER joined the Foot (?) commanded by Captain John KENNEDY, and marched to LACROIXs Estate; but none of the Savages appearing, they returned to their Post.Same Day arrived at Calliaqua, from North America, a Transport Ship with tour Companies of the thirteenth Regiment, under the Command of Major Alexander M'KENZIE. The rest of the Transports, with the other Companies, are hourly expected.

It is reported that a Plantation adjacent to Mr. KAIR's is wholly burnt by the Caraibs. Much Damage has been done by the Savages to several Plantations in the Island, but we have not yet been informed of the Particulars.

This morning the Artillery was ordered to proceed to Niamboo River, where the Caraibs have made a strong Intrenchment on the other side. The Troops and Artillery are expected to gain that important Pass on Wednesday next.

His Excellency the General ordered a Transport Vessel for Grenada, in order to bring here the Remainder of the seventieth Regiment.

Several Caraibs, besides some Frenchmen in their Interest, have within these few Days been taken Prisoners by the different Detachments of his Majesty's Troops and Militia, and sent on Board one of his Majesty's Ships of War lying in Kingstown Bay.