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I am not sure of the origin of the layou photo, however it was sent to me by Michael Anderson, who is Cuthbert "Strapps" Anderson and Lulu "Young" Anderson's son.  I am sure you would remember Strapps from his days as a side kick to Robert 'Nana' Durrant as the two top cyclist (racers) in SVG during the 1950s and the early 1960s, Michael grandfather is also Herman F. Young who was the representative for central leeward for a number of years, Herbie Young is his uncle. 

I am part of a committee who is planning a "past residents of Layou reunion" in Layou this year, the other members of the committee are Clem Dopwell (Florida), and Frankie Daniel (England). We are planning to honor Layou born residents such as Dr. Cecil Cyrus, Governor General Dr. Freddie Ballantyne, Deputy Prime Minister Sir Louis Straker, all round sportsman Foster "Lester" Huggins, calypsonian Alston "Becket" Cyrus, Duff James, Edgerton "uncle metro" Richards, Herbie Young, basketball star Sophia Young, and former captain of the SVG national team Ezra Hendrickson (who is my 1st cousin and Becket's nephew), and a lot more, we will be dividing the honors into three categories and plaques will be inscribed with the names, those plaques will be placed permanently at the "Sir Louis Straker Community Center" in Layou, there will be extra room on the plaques for other names to be added at later dates.  The reunion will run from Boxing Day to New years Day, in between those dates we would have a "Nancy story" night, a night when we compare old nicknames to the people's real names to see how many people know the real names behind the nicknames that us Vincies are so good at giving people, we would have a day when we would visit all of the old teachers who are still around to refresh our memories of how we behaved during our school days,  we also plan to visit the sick and shut in and take them small gifts such as soap, toothbrushes, toothpaste, and other toiletries, we are planning to donate some medical monitors and other essentials to the Layou Medical Clinic, a post "nine morning walk" and old fashioned breakfast of salt fish, smoke herring, bakes, and roast breadfruit is also planned. 

We will have an official photographer, I will send you photos of the reunion on my return to the US

Keep in touch.

Jimmy Antoine

Layou photo by Vincent S Reid
Names will be supplied at a later date when available.