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St.Vincent Boys Grammar School Scouts - approx 1972  -
These photos contributed by Patrick Sutherland - USA
The Boys Grammar School Scout photo persons as I can remember are:
standing left to right (two rows) ( ? - can't remember or not sure of name)

C. Samuel, E.Hinds, ?, Carlton Hall, Wiseman, ?, G. Samuel, ?, Bruno Murphy, Trotman, E. Findley, ?, ?, I. James, Brian Maul, Patrick Sutherland, Browne, Donny DeFreitas, Desmond Browne.

Stooping left to right (two rows)

Anthony Regisford, Anthony Sutherland, M. Hall, ?, Carl Ollivere, B. Diaz, Morris, ?, ?, Tucker, ?, G. Robinson.

The Boys Grammar School and Girls High School Hiking Club - I think we were going to La Soufreire, or Table Rock.

left to right:

Bradley Francis, Patrick Sutherland, ?, ?, ?, Lindsey, Keith Sutherland, Janet Lewis, ?.