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Diamond Airport Building
Vincent Reid:
I went and took these pics of the old airport building at Diamond . One of them( A plane wheel) is the last piece of evidence I have seen of it ever being there ,apart from the Name on the building . So I sent them to you and maybe you might be able to use them somehow..

Thanks to Vincent Reid.

If anybodyelse can add to this please drop me a note.
More about the contributor:

My name is Vincent S Reid (Milton Reid the Mas man and bicycle repair man from Paul's Avenue was my Grandfather) and I'm the Co- founder of the Barrouallie Whalers and Island Cordinator of the Barrouallie Whalers Project,My Co-founder is Mr Dan Lanier of the US.

I was so happy to see mention of our web site on your site , and before I go any further , this is one of the best site i have visited for years. I love Vincy history , all of it , and I found the site very very very good. Those pics of Kingstown in day pass is realy special to me , I even have a postcard of the pic with Harbour Club, yeah , I collect old picture tooo but all yours beat mines by a mile. so I will continue to visit your site , and forgive me , but i'm going to tell every-body about it .

The Barrouallie Whalers are just what you describe. Our main focus is to revive/highlight/stur-up and creat interest in an rich Cultural aspect of our heritage that is the Oral tradiction of the historical Barrouallie(Blackfish) Pilot whalers.

We have been fortunate to present these songs, known to all as "Shanties" to audiences at the Mystic Seaport Museum  sea Music festival in Connecticut And at the Workum Sea Music Festival in Holland.

We have plan in progress to ensure that such a tradition don't die .

If you have any question that the site does not answer , feel free to contact me at

Once again thanks for the mention and this is realy a good site , it was mention to me be Sydney Toney of Calliaqua.