K. Lockhart
Left to Right:
1. Soleyn
2. Marshall
3. Jones
4. C. Sandy
5. Bert Davy
6. Debique
7. Geoff Nanton
8. Franklyn Alves
Front Row L-R
1.Winfield Williams
2. Mike Brown
3. Lennox Iton
4. Lindsay Frank

1. U Toney
2. N. Cummings
3. S. Hadley
4. K. Debique
5. J. Winsboro
6. Karen Lockhart
7. C. Norris
8. J. Williams
9. A. Alves
10. F. Alves
Francis Bowman

Franklin Alves
H. Dougan
T. Huggins
F. Alves
F. Bowman
G. Stewart
G. Nanton
J. Nanton
L. Iton
It might have been interesting to know the thoughts of the guys and the gals at this moment
Franklyn is demonstrating how a gentleman proposes to a lady

Thanks Cheryl.
1. J. Winsboro
2.. Cecily Norris
3. Cheryl Williams
4. Leila (Selma) Hadaway
1.Sandra Hadley,
2.Sandra John,
3.Ingrid Williams,
4. N. Cummings?)
5. Cheryl Williams
6.Leila (Selma) Hadaway
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maybe too racy! eh?
L - R
1. Winfield Williams
2.. Geoffrey Nanton
3.  Erle Anderson
4.  Jones
5. C. Sandy
The strongest will be able to "suceed"
Hon. Mike Browne
Ulpian Toney had his camera.
Wonder where he is and where are some of those pictures.
Boys Grammar School and Girls High School
Form 6 pictures 1966. All are are scattered  around the globe in so many varying positions. So was it Lindsay Frank who raised the flag at midnight when SVG attained Statehood?
Update Jan 2nd 2002

Ulpian Cuthbert Toney:
It is amazing what you can find on the internet: In 1972 under the title of "NCAA PostGraduate Scholars Announced" I found the following:  

1972 Hiram College - Political Science
Track: two time conference champion in both the 100 and 220. Owns school records of 9.6 in the 100 and 21.6 for the 220. Named School's outstanding athlete as a Junior. Team captain as a senior. Vice President of the Foreign Students organization and on the Alliance for Black Consciousness. Plans to attend Northwestern University to major in Journalism.