S. Morris
Peggy Antrobus
Dr. Gun Munro
Peggy Antrobus
May 2001: extract from Len Edwards'  ST.V newsletter:

Several newspapers, companies and individuals, congratulated Dr. CECIL CYRUS for 40 years of medical service to the people of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Dr. Cyrus   decided to become a doctor as a 7 year old boy in Layou. He noticed that the district doctor came to Layou, and saw those people who could pay him a shilling, and then drove away in his white car, leaving the " rest of us", the medical needy, to the district nurse. He decided then and there that he would become a doctor, and return home to serve his people. SO HE HAS. Dr Cyrus migrated to the United Kingdom in 1950 where he studied medicine and qualified as a surgeon on May 18, 1961, obtaining a BSC from Queen's College and FRCS, which qualified him as a surgeon. He lectured at Queen's College in Belfast for a short while, before moving on to obtain another FRCS at Edinburgh University.
September: Dr Cyrus has retired.
Dr. Cyrus
Milton Cato
Thanks to an Oliver who supplied the "Royal" pictures..
23 Aug 2002: I heard from Fred Ambrose who is Percy Ambrose's son. He indicates that his father (Percy) took these pictures.
Lucy Cato
Princess Margaret giving address to Vincentians.
The first two  "Royal Pictures" are "Princess Margaret"

Princess Margaret when she visited St Vincent  in January 1955.  In this picture are Col Humphrey Chief of Police Dominica, and Capt Stewart who were the A.D.C.s       for the visit. Thanks to Col Anderson for the info.
The above photo taken in 1964 when the Duke of Edinburgh visited the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital.  My thanks to Col Anderson for this information. 
Col S.A. Anderson
Queen's Birthday Parade June 1969. The  following persons are in this one; Hywel George the Administrator,Neville Peterkin,Lucy Cato,O'Neal Barrow,Levi Lathom and Stuart Cozier. Thanks to Col Anderson for this info.
Lady Joan Gun-Munro.