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Reigate is the name of the house/property and it belonged to the Edwards (Clifford, Arthur, Trevor, Gerry) family.  Yes, I spent many pleasant days in and outside of the house and Dorothy Edwards knew how to cook for her boys. Yes I had a bite or two!

Yes progress takes it toll because Clifford tells me that it has been demolished and I suppose the National Commecial Bank will erect something that will have less charm.

For those of you who don't know where this house was located, it was  on "Back street" - a hop and a skip from the 'Old' Public library where as a youngster, I would go on Saturday morning to listen to stories read to me by an Antrobus.

There was a smaller house located to the right where Mr. Verral (an active photographer in his day) but I understand that a 3 story commercial building graces that position.

Thanks to Clifford Edwards who supplied this information and the picture.