1898 - Kingstown Store

Thanks to Marcos Reilly _  more info later.    It still amazes me that we have this view of 103 years ago. It makes you want to have the ability to do Time Travel.

Aerial View of Kingstown, St.Vincent
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Postcard sent between 1902 and 1910 to my grandmother's older brothers, and I would guess the photos must have been taken right about 1900.  Teddy was my grandmother's brother, the child in the other picture.  I don't know who Bertie was-- evidently a friend back in Kingstown. 

by Marcos Reilly.

The  "contingent" is the Vincentians from the British West India Regiment returning from the First World War.

Not that it has anything to do with St. Vincent, but as it happens, this same HMS Ajax was one of the three British cruisers that defeated the German battleship Graf Spee in the Battle of the "River Plate" in 1939.

Black and white photo that has been "colorized" with water colors.  I don't know if it was done commercially, or if my great grandmother did it.  She was an artist and it was a hobby of hers, but it was also a common practice before color photos.  MR