Bequia Connection
The pictures of Ethel (1889-1969)and Rosa (b. 1877) were lent to me for scanning by Emery Wallace. They are in his possession. I would venture to say that Ethel's pic was taken in the 50s or 60s. Rosa's pic, circa 40s or

Raf Ollivierre emailed me the one of Ida Hazell. She was my grandfather's (Simeon Hazell) aunt. This pic looks like it was taken around the turn of the last century, 1900-1910. The original portrait hung in the  Bequia home of Joey Ollivierre and Abby Wallace. And I'm on the hunt to find  out where it is today.

These are really just educated guesses based on the way the people look in the photos (age) and their style of dress.

I extend my thanks to Cheryl Hazell for submitting these photos. and the text.

Ethel Mitchell Ollivierre:
Ida Jane Hazell and Napoleon Stivic Ollivierre