Vincentians frolicking in a Vincentian River. More info later.
Of course if you want to take a stab at telling me the names of the individuals (I know some of them) but I don't know the river. Could it be in the mespo or the Leeward area? OK one name: George Mills - Funeral Director.
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Hi Tony,
Here is one for your Oldies.  Taken about 1938 or so, don't know which river.
Left to right are:
Unknown girl standing on rock, unknown boy with hands on face, Theresa Ambrose with hands on face (my mother), George Mills, Monty Sardine with back to camera, Agnes Ambrose, and in front at the bottom is thought to be Alwin Williams. 
The only certainty is Theresa Ambrose, and fairly certain about Agnes Ambrose.  If anyone has a different opinion of the identity of the others I am eager to know.  I would also like to know where it is.

Marcia MacDiarmid (Australia)
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