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Thanks to Hazel Pompey for this St.Vincent Girls High School contribution. In her words:

"I am attaching a picture of part of the group having a reunion at the end of this month (June 2002) At the back of the photograph, I had written these words"

'Lower Form V Latin (1961) and their beloved games tutor, Miss Moon, from Iowa'.

Back Row( All maiden names)

Hazel Thompson, Pauline La Hee, Ercelle John, Angela  Gonsalves, Cathy Durant, Joan Samuel, Cynthia Haynes,  Joye Browne,  Margaret Allen, Charmaine Isaacs, Helen Bowman,  Wendy Richards,  Pearlie Sutherland

Front Row
Roscina Pope, Andrea Punnett, Patsy Edwards, Evelyn Gould, Miss Moon,  Monica Huggins, Cheryl Phills, Jean Fraser, Eldine Wilson

Peace Memorial Hall
Lower Form V Latin (1961)