Firstly my thanks to Robert Young who supplied these modern pictures of what used to be the Haddon Hotel.. Fifty odd years have certainly changed the character of what it use to look like in 1947. Picture immediately below shows what it looks like now. Move your mouse/cursor over it to see a second picture.
On the little road to the left was Percy Ambrose's house. He did commercial photography part time and I think when he went into a "magic' dark room and came out with a wet print, I was hooked for life. Unfortunately he lost his life to a driver who was intoxicated. I wonder where all of those Ambrose children are today?

This part of the Modern Haddon Hotel now sits on the spot from where CVD Hadley took his 1947 picture which incidentally was where I first lived. A small house was located there and I believe that it sucumbed to fire long after we no longer lived there. As young as I was, I do remember a painful encounter with a swarm of Jack Spaniards and getting spanked for stoning somebody's car on the road to the extreme left. The occupant of the car, from what I hear, was going to see a lady friend secretly  and did not want to make much of a fuss.

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