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14 Oct 2020
Corah Maureen (Sally) Williams died this morning in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

6 Oct 2020
William Piper Oliver passed today.

1 Oct 2020

A note from Cheryl (Phills) King

"It is with profound sorrow that I was asked by Elsa Stephens Jones to inform you of the passing of
her dear brother, our dear cousin, Dr. Bertram "Chic" Stephens, this morning (1 Oct 2020)  in Ratho-Mill,
St. Vincent.  "Dr. Chic" will be sadly missed and remembered with much love and affection by his family, patients, friends
and acquaintances. A huge loss to humanity. He has left behind a legacy of good deeds, Christian fortitude, love and caring.

May he rest in peace and may light perpetual shine upon him. We extend condolences to those who mourn.
Please keep the family in your prayers at this sad time. Thanks. God bless".

20 Sept 2020
Obituary Notice: IDA VERONICA VENNER (nee Crichton) born in Georgetown SVG passed away peacefully at the age of 97 on Sunday, September 20, 2020 in Toronto, Canada.

31 May 2020

I regret to announce the passing of Trevor Edwards in St. Vincent and
Junia "Junior" Kirton-Wilson in Montreal.

The Service for the Late TREVOR ANGUS EDWARDS
will take place at  St. George’s Anglican Cathedral  (SVG) on Tuesday June 2, 2020 at 10.00am
You will be able to participate in the live streaming via these links:

Link One
Link Two

5 Dec 2019

I regret to announce the passing of Merle Keane in the UK.
April 2020: Her daughter recently died from smoke inhalation.

7 Sept 2019

It is with regret that I have just been informed of the passing in SVG of Haniff Sutherland.

Airlines flying to and from Argyle International Airport

We are very sorry to announce the sad news of the passing of our  dear brother-in-law Errol Williams of Villa. He passed  away at 12.00 noon today at the age of 67  after he collapse  in Heritage Square Kingstown SVG. He was the husband of Geraldine "Terry" Gurley-Williams and the Father of Duran  Williams.  Errol Williams, better known as Mr. Giggle's- Boutique, is also the owner of of an AIA  store.
May he rest in peace and light perpetual shine upon him.
Funeral  arrangement to be announce at a later date.
Geanie Gurley-Austin

19 Sept 2018
I regret to announce that today 19th September 2018
Denver Radix formerly of Rathomill (St. Vincent)  passed away in New York.
For further details when available,  check  here.
Viewing September 28 - 4 pm - 7pm
Miller Funeral Home
3325 Winton Road South
Rochester NY

13 September 2018
I regret to  announce the passing of Cyril Junior Lewis on Sept 9 2018 in Ontario Canada.
You can click here for more information.  (1940 - 2018).

4 February 2018
I regret to announce the passing of Lloyd Lewis of St.Vincent.
You will find a tribute to him by clicking here

21 December 2017
It is with sadness that I announce the death of Winty Roberts today (21st Dec 2017).

Winston Roberts - 2013 Robert Kennedy Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient (2013 IFBB Toronto Pro)

IFBB Judge and Legend: Winston Roberts Interview at Olympia Expo | Generation Iron

20 December 2017
  It is with deep sadness that I inform you of the passing of cousin Greta Stephens on Friday, December 15, 2017, at 2:00 p.m. in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. The funeral service takes place on Friday, December 22, 2017, at 3: 00 p.m. at St. Paul's Anglican Church, Calliaqua, St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

Greta, who lived in Villa, was the daughter of the late Charles & Sarah Phills Stephens of Park- Hill and the sister of surviving siblings Marion, Val, Henry, Mary, Viola (ViVi) and Lawrence . Her parents and siblings, George, Christine and Theo predeceased her.
May she rest in peace and may light perpetual shine upon her. She will be sadly missed and remembered with love.
Deepest sympathy. In sorrow, God bless, Love,
Cheryl King.

I also announce with sadness, the passing of Laurette Hinds-Doyle, sister of Jefferson Glasgow this past Saturday
16th December 2017 in St. Vincent.

12 December 2017
Born in 1744, she was Englands first black queen.

Julian McIntosh asked me to let you know that his mother Tabetha "Tab" Margurite McIntosh (97)  passed away on the 9th December 2017 in Toronto surrounded by family. More details can be read here.  I extend our sympathies to Julian, the rest of the family and friends.

My sister Josephine "Jojo" Emmanuel  passed away in New York on 7th December 2017 at the age of 64.

It is with regret that I announce the passing of  Mary (Mai)  Cunningham, of St. Vincent, at age 71 in Ottawa on November 30  2017
after a 25 year long courageous battle.  Funeral Service will be held In Lasalle (Quebec) on Thursday December 14, 2017 at 10:00a.m. St. John Brebeuf Parish 7777 George Street Lasalle, Quebec H8P 1C8 Reception will follow the service at the same location.

More details here

This week on facebook, I got a 'friend request" from Ralph Gonsalves with a timeline of real photos of Ralph. It turns out that it is a fake account attempting to get me to click on a link. I became suspicious and asked the fake account to identify the name of our math teacher in 6th form and never got a reply. I deleted all messaging texts. So be careful.

13 May 2017

It is with regret that I announce the passing of  Karissa Clarke, of St. Vincent, at age 24, who sucuumbed to her illness in Toronto on May 2nd 2017
after a long and courageous battle.  In light of an old saying that no parent should see their children pass on before them, I relay my sympathies to her parents  Donna Williams-Clarke and Ellison (Ellie) Clarke and to the rest of the family.

12 May 2017

As you may have heard, Quebec has been very hard hit with floods with as many as 2000
families being displaced. Pierrefonds in Quebec was hit partcularly hard and this is where Tom and Geanie (Gurley)
Austin reside. Here is what Geanie wrote to me:

"We, on Belleville street, Pierrefonds, Qc are in the flood zone, and the borough of Pierrefonds is the hardest hit on the Island of Montreal. At present  water is pouring heavily  into basement from the French Drains and their ducts to our sump pump well, Water is also entering through left over construction bolt holes in the basement walls and through sewer pipe back up.

Yesterday we had about 4" of water covering the entire basement floor. We bought  four additional submersible pumps to help keep the water level low in the sump pump well. Even  with these additional  pumps working 24/7 they are just managing to hold the water level in the well to 10" below the overflow rim

We had to take Tom's 88 year old mother Hulda  to a nursing home for her own safety and because the boulevards and streets have become impassable and they are being closed by the police. We are now down to one of four street exits to and from our area..Sewer back up means very limited or no use of the water supply for washing, showering or toilet. The three levels of Government have declared a state of Emergency in the area.
For the two of us left at home our biggest worry is additional rain or a power failure.
Most of our neighbors  are in the same boat or far worst than us. Some with up to four feet of water in their basement others  closer to the river have their basement and main floor flooded. .They are among the 2700. persons evacuated. God Bless

10May 2017

2 murders in St. Vincent - 3 arrested.

Undocumented workers in the USA being deported to the Caribbean creating social issues
including an increase in crime.

Caribbean Journal News - see new link above

News about Air Canada making flights to St. Vincent from Toronto.

Some Vincentians in Montreal are being affected by recent Spring flooding.

Philip Nanton has written a new book "Frontiers of the Caribbean".


Wishing everyone a happy New Year and at the end of 2017 we can all say "that was boring"  (*_*)

Cheryl King has prepared a comprehensive Villagers Update
which can be accessed here: (2 January 2017 villagesReport). Thanks.

I see that the Melisizwe Brothers that I reported on in Oct 2016 appeared on the Ellen show. Congrats

18 November  2016

This is mostly in the News links above but thought I would highlight the following:

7 Nov 2016

St Vincent's Black Sands Swim Squad takes the Gold in Barbados

Incredible Table tennis rally

4 Nov 2016
Darnley Dublin made this posting on Facebook today:
"Hello my Dear relatives and friends, I am the bearer of sad news.
My sister Lesley passed away in UK. May she rest in peace. LOVE Junior"

We offer Darnley, family members and friends our sympathies.

1 Nov 2016

Kenneth "Ken" Boatswain  passed away Tuesday Oct 25th 2016 in NY at age 69.

We offer sincere condolences to family and friends especially
Ken's cousin Baldwin King.

Visitation and Service

In addition the following have also passed in October 2016 and we offer our sympathies:
Carmina Hermina Pompey  - Toronto     at age 73
Amanda Winifred Robinson - Calliaqua at age 87
Errol Eversley McMillan       - Glen (SVG) at age 65

28 Oct 2016
Sad News

Rev. Hoskins Huggins died this morning. 

Jo-Ann Chopra (nee Hadley) also passed this morning in England, after a long illness.

26 October 2016

Vincie Frankie McIntosh - Soca Legend was honoured at the Sunshine Awards Hall of Fame Oct 3 2015.
Frankie and I started piano lessons  with Miss Eunace Horne and we both entertained Boys Grammar School friends with the piano
there in the Hall. One day Frankie brought absolute delight to the listeners by playing "God Save the Queen" in a calypso beat.
There was no holding back Frankie after that and he has the rare honour of being on a St.Vincent postage stamp.
This is a belated Congrats to Frankie McIntosh.

Vincie Delroy "Fireman" Hooper has many 'hits' but I particularly like "Rum Meeting".
For more info on "Fireman" see this Iwitness news article dated 6 July 2014
"Fireman wins both Soca Monarch crowns"

23 October 2016

Thanks to Fred Prescod who brought this very talented musical group from St. Vincent and the Grenadines  to my attention.
I will add a few songs now and then provide more detail later. "The ‘Melisiziwe Brothers’, with youth on their side,
have a wealth of ground to cover, and seem set to cover that ground and themselves in further glory"


"Ben" (Michael Jackson) performed by The Melisizwe Brothers

"I found love" (Bebe & Cece Winans) by The Melisizwe Brothers

There is a new ‘kid on the block’ where musical prowess is concerned.  There is a new band of three ‘kids on the block’ of musical excellence here in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. This is none other than the ‘Melisizwe Brothers’, comprised of the James family of Upper Fair Hall. They have been ‘wow-ing’ audiences across St. Vincent and the Grenadine:, but who really are they?

The ‘Melisizwe Brothers’ is comprised of Mark, Seth and Zachery James. According to the children’s mother and father, Sherry and Mark James, the name ‘Melisizwe’, pronounced ‘Me-lis-we’, was specially chosen. Mark James told THE VINCENTIAN, "We believe that a name is important, so we wanted one that had meaning.” After much research, he said, they chose the South African name which means
‘Leaders of the future/nation’, as they wanted their children to be leaders within themselves first,
and so the ‘Melisizwe Brothers’ was born.

They devote time daily to doing homework and reading books. They use the internet but do not watch television. "We have been successful in transferring their TV time into music time,” Mr. James explained.
Each boy is currently being trained in track and field, and engages in doing charity work, as in feeding homeless people on the streets of Kingstown last Christmas.

They also work on their farm: ploughing, planting, weeding and harvesting plants. This makes them grounded and down-to-earth.

The family, in "giving back”, offers free music and vocal classes for children and adults, at their home in Upper Fair Hall. Persons may just turn up, choose an instrument and begin learning the theory and practice of music.
As for the boys, Mr. James was sure to add, "I know the boys are going to make it, but when they do, I will love for it to be with a St. Vincent and the Grenadines tag.”

13 October 2016

Harmonites String Band led by Almondo Shoy on mini steel cans,
you can experience a unique tantalising sound that's guaranteed to get you moving.

Here is another String  Band from the Leeward Islands playing "Shake it up, Shake it up"
that reminded me of the Bamboo Melodians of St. Vincent in the late fifties and early sixties.

St. Vincent Latinaires  - They really sound great)
Kenton Kirby (Trumpet), Cauldric Forbes (vocals, tambourine, cowbell), Deryck Morris (bass), Errol Seales (congas), Joseph "Bo" McIntosh (drums), Alfred Wilson (guitar), Kerwyn Morris (organ), Julian McIntosh (saxophone), Busta Neverson (trombone), Don McIntosh (trumpet)
Also here is a nice slow one by them called the "the first time I ever saw your face".

And now Woe Woe by Julian McIntosh.

Blacksand plays Afro Caribbean

04 October 2016
No matter where you live or how old you are, keep on Moving - see short video
When Dad is left alone with the babies.

30 September  2016

Residents catch TriTri in stormy weather

I regret to announce the following who have passed on and
offer my sympathies to family and friends.

1. WINSTON ALAN LEON LEWIS son of Canon C.V. and Doris Ivy Lewis of Fountain died on Tuesday, September 27, 2016 in Coral Springs, Florida. Winston who was 2 months short of 75 yrs is survived by his cherished wife Velma of 51 years, children Michael, Rhonda, Fitz and Donna; grandchildren Andrew, Alexandria, Aaron and Aaquil; siblings Ashford, Junior, Betty Anderson, Ewan, Barry, Janet and in blessed memory Francis and Vickie Daly; a host of loving and cherished nieces and nephews. Viewing is from 2-3 P.M. on Tuesday, October 4, 2016 at St. Mary Magdalene Episcopal Church, 1400 Riverside Drive, Coral Springs, Florida. Funeral service will commence at 3 P.M. in the church. The repast will immediately take place in the church hall, following the mass. In lieu of flowers, the family requests contributions be made to the charity of your choice.

Dr. Patrick Dias in Nevis - Funeral Sept 30th 2016
1: Sylvia   Alexander  (Montreal)  13/Aug/2016
2: Sylvia   Wyllie-Caesar  (SVG) 16/Jun/2016
3: Grafton Cato                (Montreal)   2/April/2016
4: Harold Richardson Morris  St. Petersburg Florida)   10/Feb/2016   

Teenager dies as vehicle goes over an embankment where the edge of the road has been damaged for quite some time.

12 July 2016

Village development in Canouan
I offer my Congratulations to Sean Sutherland who recently competed in the Van Cliburn Amateur piano competition and was among the 12 pianists who reached the semi-finals.  More info here.

And if you want to listen to his semi-final performance - click here

Calypso and Cricket - read and listen

Inside the late David Bowe's house in Mustique

If you are interested in listening to or downloading many different versions of the St. Vincent and the Grenadines national anthem click here. 

Do you remember a Leo Anthony and the musical group called the Bamboo Melodians that toured England and Scotland in 1986 as part of the Commonwealth Arts Festival? It was August 1986 in Usher Hall, Edinburgh.

I regret to announce that Naomi Martindale recently passed in England. In addition Eieleen Mars-Peters (94)  also
passed away on Dec 31st 2015 in St. Vincent.   After a short illness,  Reynard "Denty" Jones died on Sunday 6th December 2015 in Winnipeg, Canada.
We extend our heartfelt sympathy to his wife Elsa, nee Stephens, Elsa Jones son Ladd, daughters Shelley,
Roxy (husband Paul), Helen "Dimples" and grandchildren.  Brothers Raymond, Byron, Jason, sisters Evadne,
Judy, Annette, Donna, spouses and their children; other relatives and friends.See a link here for his Obit in the Winnipeg Free press.
Click Here to bring you to a page containing a eulogy written by Mak Richards .

Archive 4
Archive 3
Archive 2
Archive 1

I offer my sincere sympathies to the family and friends of the following:

Junia "Junior" Kirton-Wilson             30 May 2020(Mtrl
Trevor Edwards                               26 May 2020 (SVG
Merle Keane    05 Dec 2019 (UK
Austin Davy
Patrick (Pat) Prescod                      11 July 2013 (Stv
Benjamin Crick                               16 June 2013 (BC
Desmond Punnett (90)                     03 May 2013 (Tor
McVain "Mac" Olliviere                     21 Feb 2013 (MTL
Norma I Keizer                                19 Feb 2013 (STV
Marie (Huggins) Coombs(83)            13 Nov 2012 (STV
Jannis Evrill Billy  (63)                      07 Nov 2012 (Tor
Wade "KOJO" Wulliams                  03 Nov 2012 (Winp
Bert Davy                                       03 Nov 2012(Wash
Shirley (Abbott) Squire                    03  Sep 2012(STV
Leigh Kambon Hillocks (29)            30 Jul 2012 (Tor           Elaine Hadley                                    Sep 2012 (Aus
Claire Haynes                                 21 Feb 2011 (UK
Sir Fred Phillips (92)                        20 Feb 2011 (Ant
David Dias (55)                               08 Feb 2011 (Monts
Clarence Arthur McIntosh                07 Feb 2011 (NY
Celestine Carlos Veira (73)              03 Feb 2011 (Tor
Arthur McIntosh                              07 Feb 2011 (NY
Gregg Macklane (60)                       23  Jan 2011 (Mont
Annie Margaret Daniel                     01  Jan 2011  (Mont
Norma Ester Lloyd (80)                    15 Dec 2010 (NY
Emery Wallace                               13 Dec 2010 (Tor
Arlene Antoinette Keane                  04 Dec 2010
Charles "Luxie" Quashie                 19  Aug  2010 (STV
Maureen (Cupid) Alexander             10  Aug  2010 (NY
Barbara "Les" (Venner) Berridge      01  Aug  2010 (Tor
Barbara (nee Cuffy) Palmer            08  Jun  2010  (Tor
Erica (nee Layne) Abbott (72)         28  May  2010 (Aus
John Melvin "Vin" Ethan Cuffy         03  May 2010 (STV
Carol Dougan                                08  Mar  2010 (STV
Lynette Edwards (91)                    10  Jan  2010 (St.Croix
Etaul Prescod (92)                   07 Jan 2010 (FL
Merle Oliver                                 29 Nov 2009 (Ont
Clarence Keizer                           02 Nov 2009 (STV
Jennie Leslie-Bowman                29 Oct 2009 (Del/USA
Calvin Nicholls                             28 Oct 2009 (STV
Festus Toney                                25 Oct 2009 (STV
Anne Hadley                                 25 Oct 2009 (Eng
Lennox “Age” Francis                 22 Sep 2009 (TOR
Ronnie Cools-Lartigue                  09 Sep 2009
Hazel Barnard                               08 Sep 2009 (Bdos
Paul Basil Ambrose(98)                22 Aug 2009 (Stv
Joan Gun-Munro                          08 Jul  2009 (Beq
Noble Branch                               21 Jun 2009 (Tri
George Francis                            22 May 2009(STV
Harvey Williams                           08 May 2009(STV
Rosalind Marshall Carew    06 May 2009(Eng
Cecile Richards                            26 Apr 2009 (STV
Sammy Gibson                            19 Apr 2009  (ENG
Lynda John-Abiaka                  09 Mar 2009(StV
Edna Walker Dougan                 04 Mar 2009(STV
Stella Ellis                                   02 Mar 2009 (BEL
A.C.(Fred) Hadley                      26 Feb 2009 (Aus
Arthur Rawle Connell                 26 Jan 2009 (Stv
June Arthur Carr                        25 Jan 2009(NY
Charles D Hercules                      20 Jan 2009 (STV
Iris Brisbane                                 2 Jan 2009 (MIA
Ignatius A George                         2 Jan 2009 (NY
Dollis H Forbes                            19 Dec 2009 (NY
Deryck Morris                              13 dec 2008 (NY
Marcia Mcintosh-Regisford            30 Nov 2008 (STV
Joel Huggins                                14 Nov 2008 (STV
Gwen Jack (100)                         18 Oct 2008 (Stv
Patsy (Jack) Bowman                  19 Sept 2008 (STV
Alicene Boatswain                       13 Sept 2008 NY
Sheila (Steele) Sharpe                 24 Aug 2008 NY
Carlisle Velox                             22 Aug 2008 TOR
Miriam (Stewart) St.Hillaire          22 July 2008 (MTL)
Muriel Elizabeth Beache              8  June 2008 (Stv
Theodora Stephens                     14 April 2008 (STV
Mary "Bell" John                         28 Mar 2008 (TOR
James Albert Steele (86)              20 Mar 2008 (NY     Michael Veira (82)                       20 Mar 2008 (TOR    
Dr Carlos Mulraine                       20 Mar 2008 (Barbu
Winfield Williams                         08 Mar 2008 (STV
Mrs Leila H Walker                      27 Feb 2008 (NY
Dr. Gideon Cordice                      21Jan 2008 (STV
Luenda Williams (88)                   13 Jan 2008 (WINP
Cora Shillingford                          27 Dec 2007 (StV
George (GT) Browne (73)             ?? Nov 2007  (STV
June (Burnett) Thompson (55)      18 Sept 2007 (TOR
Conrad (Con) De Freitas              11  Sep 2007
Dorcas Labbay (102)                  27 August 2007
Ulric Fareira                                05 Aug 2007(NY
James Best                                30 July 2007
Vibert DeShong                          27 July 2007 (STV
Ken DeFreitas                            24 July 2007 (STV
Tyrone Crichton                          18 July 2007 (Tor
Louis Pierre                               11 July 2007 (NJ
Ruby Phyllis Pemberton(95)         07 July 2007 (STV
Wilmoth Spence                         03 July 2007 (STV
Clyde Sharpe                             11 June 2007 (NY
Muriel Elizabeth Beache              08 Jun 2007 (StV
John Commissiong                      07 Jun 2007 (TRI
Violet Daisley (97)                       00 Jun 2007 (NY
Owen "Sap" Coombs                   30 Apr  2007 (NY
Sheila Kirby                               26 Mar 2007 (STV
Millicent Stewart                             Mar 2007 (Beq
Ira M Young                               18 Mar 2007 (STV
Theophilus Jackson                    15 Mar 2007 (STV
Kerwyn Morris                           14 Mar 2007 (STV
Sydney Gun-Munro(90)                01 Mar 2007 (Beq     Bernard Marshall                        17 Feb 2007 (JCA
Ardon Job                                  26 Feb 2007 (Ont
Walter G deFreitas                     23 Feb 2007 (TRI
Simeon "Spita" Antrobus             15 Feb 2007
Hudson Soso                             12  Feb 2007 (STV
Mary Caroline Layne (77)             01  Feb 2007 (STV
Julian Evans                                     Feb 2007 (JCA
Winston Baptiste                        30 Jan 2007 (STV
Retha Williams (85)                    26 Jan 2007 (TOR
Vivienne Mandeville                     --  Jan 2007 (FL
Norma John Forde                   23 Jan 2007 (STV
Lucien Saluche Small                 14 Jan  2007 (STV
Wendell (Munchoo) Ash             13 Jan  2007  
Mary Neverson Morris                 12  Jan 2007 (NY
Alma Mayers                              10 Jan 2007 (NY
Alfred (Vites) Herbert                    06 Jan 2007 (UK
George Richardson                     03 Jan  2007 (Mtl
Grace Young                              29 Dec 2006 (NY
Clemmie Viera-Evans                  28 Dec 2006 (NY
Shirley Gibbs (68)                       27 Dec 2006 (Mtl
Emmerson DaCosta                    19 Dec 2006 (TX
Stacy Wilson                              11 Dec 2006 (STV
Harold (Toney) Cockburn(73)        11 Dec 2006 (Ont
G Cornelius Quammie                 10 Dec 2006 (Ont
Frederick John                            28 Nov 2006 (NY
Enid (Phillips) Gibbs(74)              30 Oct 2006 (Mtl
Gwendolyn Richards(79)              30 Oct 2006 (Tor 
Sylvia King                                 27 Oct 2006 (STV
Winston Carlisle Quammie               Oct 2006 (NY
Anthony "Manny" Brereton (61)    14 Oct 2006(STV
Jose Benjamin                              23 Sep 2006(Ant      
Cyril Johnson                                  Sep 2006 (Tor
Noel Agard                                 11 Sep 2006 (Hamil
Sandra Greg (Guy)                        6 Sep 2006 (NY
Ivor Hazell                                   4 Sep 2006(Bdos
Chess Gibbs(96)                        30 Aug 2006
Col Sydney Anderson                 29 Aug 2006 (STV
Monca Dalzine                           27 Aug 2006 (TOR
Rosecleer Jack                               Aug 2006 (NY
Monica Dalzine                          27 Aug 2006 (Tor
Carmelita W Adams                   25 Aug 2006 (ATL
T.V. Keane                                19 aug 2006 (STV
Dr. Errol G King                       13 Aug 2006 (STV
Val Haynes                               05 Aug 2006 (TASM
Colbert Martindale                      26 Jul 2006 (Tor
Jacqueline Antrobus Wynter       16 Jun 2006 (JCA
Roston Dougan(31)                    13 Jun 2006 (STV    
Verdine Cato Gurley                   12 Jun 2006 (STV
Martina Gonsalves                     31  May 2006 (Tor
Dennis Davidson (62)                 26 May 2006 (T&T
Helen Punnett                           15 May 2006 (Tor
Cecil Ellis                                 12 May 2006 (Bze
Elaine (Steele) Chapman           10 May 2006(NY
Douglas Grant (87)                   27 April 2006(UK
Hensley Weekes                     __  Apr 2006
Carl Charles                             __ Apr 2006 (NY
Owen Campbell                        06 Apr 2006 (Tor
Sybil Nichols Ferdinand            06 Apr 2006 (STV
Theo Saunders                         21 Mar 2006 (STV
Eric "Tailor" Alexander              21 Mar 2006 (STV
Cecil Porter                             20 Mar 2006 (STV
Brian Huggins                          19 Mar 2006 (STV
Edison Paul (Paulo)                 18 Mar 2006 (STV
Vilna Cox                                08 Mar 2006 (Bdos
Glen Jackson                           06 Mar 2006 (STV
Grace Mapp                             11 Feb 2006 (NY
Joan Robertson Clarke              28 Dec 2005 (Tor
Marie Gillezeau Rojas(75)         22 Dec 2005 (VRG
Grace Allen                             10 Dec 2005 (STV
Olga Stephens                         09 Dec 2005 (STV
Osmond Ornon Venner             06 Dec 2005 (TOR
Lawrence "Babbs" Jones         26 Nov 2005 (NY)
Aberdine "Freda" Browne(56)     21 Nov 2005 (STV
Ruth Peters                             17 Nov 2005
St.Aubyn Cato                         16 Nov 2005 (STV
Fred Phillips (not Sir Fred)         17 Nov 2005
Lyndon Rose (31)                     14 Nov 2005 (STV)
Marie Veira Cumberbatch          08  Nov 2005 (TOR)
Sarah (Phills) Stephens            22  Oct 2005
Olive Ballantyne (91)                 03 Oct 2005 (STV)
David Dudley Anderson             03 Oct 2005 (STV      
Hermine DeFreitas                   02 Oct 2005 (STV
Rev Fitz John                          20 Sep 2005 (FL)
Wilma Weekes                       14 Sep 2005 (Wpg
Noel Arthur                               8 Sep 2005 (STV
Dr. Earle Kirby                          7 Sep 2005 (STV)
Douglas (Dougie) Cambridge      3 Sep 2005 (STV)
Gwendolyn Creese Mattis          3 Sep 2005 (STV) Basil Coombs                          26 Aug 2005 (STV
Lois Athline Mitchell-Baynes     18 Aug 2005 (STV
Rafique Huggins                       14 Aug 2005 (STV
A Leroy Commissiong                4 Aug 2005 (FL
Lucyanna "Marmone" Jones     12 Jun 2005 (Winip
Leslie Patrick Ambrose               8 Jun 2005 (UK)
Dorian A Hercules (25)             24 May 2005 (US
Christiana Jael Anthony (76)     22 May 2005 (Tor
Inez Oliver                               21 May 2005
Dr. Joseph Alban Liverpool         8 May 2005 (Tor)
Eltha Keane                             7 May 2005 (STV)
Hugh Hamlett                         30  April 2005
Harley Cambridge                   30 April 2005 (STV)
Joy (Stevens) Banks               28 April 2005 (OHI)
Urel Campbell                        07 April 2005 (STV)
Curtis George                        28 Mar 2005 (MTL)
Esther (Williams) Kibler          17 Mar 2005 (NY)
Eloise (Walker) Phills             11 Mar 2005 (NJ)
Moulton Williams                   10 Mar 2005 (STV)
Ercelle Cummings                24 Feb 2005 (STV)
Alfred  N Crichton          15 Feb 2005 (TOR)
Volney Cumberbatch              13 Feb 2005 (TOR)
Shirley Francis                      13 Feb 2005 (STV)
Pearlina Guy                          31-Jan 2005 (STV)
Ron Durrant                           21 Jan 2005 (STV)
Ishbel (Horne) King                 08 Jan 2005 (NY)
Celia (Williams) Cozier            06 Jan 2005 (NY)
Oswald Kingsley George         06 Jan 2005 (STV)
Hilda (Durrant) Mcintosh          30 Dec 2004 (KANS
Athlyn Kirby                                Dec 2004 (VIRG
Anita Bowen                           21 Nov 2004 (NY)
Michael Odlum                       11 Nov 2004 (Eng)
Henry Williams                       11 Nov 2004
Wilmoth Jack                          08 Nov 2004 (STV)
Francis Kelvin Lewis                05 Nov 2004 (Swed)
Ian Mcmillan                         01 Nov 2004
Ronald (Jex) King                  28 Oct 2004 (NY)
William Robinson                  23 Oct 2004 (STV)
Phoebe Peters                      23 Oct 2004 (NY)
Phyllis Joyce McClean Punnett 12 Oct 2004 (STV)
Verna Lewis                           9 Oct 2004
Theresa de Shong                 21 Sept 2004 (Ott)
Robin Browne                         9 Sept 2004 (Can)
Basil Creese                           6 Sep 2004 (Eng)
Eugenia Simon                          Sep 2004
Louise Plato                           1 Sep 2004 (NY)
Emily (Phills) Joshua             11 Aug 2004 (FL)
Victor Cuffey                          6 Aug 2004
Mrs Alison (McKie) DeLecia    9 July 2004 (MTL)
Cyril Child                            19 June 2004 (Tx)
Agatha Hunte                         15 June 2004
Mrs Alice Layne                    28 April 2004 (NY)
Noel "Shines" King                23 April 2004 (Mtl)
Theodora Davis, nee Dewar - 10 April 2004
Franklyn Mascoll -                  9 April 2004
Viola (Phills) Gibson     (NS)   4 April 2004
Irma Wallace, nee Ollivierre -   3 April 2004
Theresa (Betty) Bennett (NY) 
Bertram "Dola" Crespin Ross (To)
Ardon Daisley                      11 Feb 2004 (SVG)
Cecile Jardine                       19 Jan 2004 (NY)

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